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Create Call to Action ButtonsThere is no shortage of companies asking small businesses to shell out hundreds if not thousands of dollars to promote themselves. But if you’re like most small business owners, you could really use some free tools to jumpstart your marketing. That’s why we’ve begun a weekly blog series featuring free tools for SMB owners to help you with your various marketing needs.

When you’re building a website for your business, its functionality and its ability to convert visitors into customers determines its value as a marketing asset. Call to action (CTA) buttons get people to act and can have a serious impact on boosting conversion rates, no matter what you’re selling. It’s important to get a good understanding of how color, placement, language, and other variables can influence the effectiveness of your call to action button before you start with its design. Our post “How to Create an Irresistible Call-to-Action” is a great article to help you get started.

Buttonoptimizer.com at a Glance

The CTA Button Optimizer is a free website where you can easily create free call to action buttons in a variety of colors and styles. In addition to all its options for customization, the CTA Button Optimizer allows for easy downloads- you can choose to get either the CSS code for your button or download it as a PNG image.

Combined with an irresistible marketing offer, a call to action with visual appeal can help convert visitors into leads for your business.

Using the CTA Button Optimizer for Marketing

Call to action buttons are usually placed on a site to direct a website visitors’ actions and turn them into leads. An effective button will grab your visitor’s attention and entice them to click, leading them to fill out a form or lead them to another web page that asks the user to take a specific action.

However, CTA buttons can be placed not only on your website but can also be used for other marketing assets such as eBooks, Slideshare presentations, online ads, and Facebook cover photos as well. In these types of marketing assets, the call to action buttons are used to drive visitors to your website- to take a directed action there.

How to create your Call to Action Button

To create your own call to action button, go to buttonoptimizer.com. The free interface allows you to edit a range of things on the button including:

  • Button and text color
  • Text in button
  • Size and border of the button
  • Color details of the button
  • Type of icon on the button
  • Text and box shadow

As you are making changes to the CTA button, the interface gives you a real-time preview of how your button looks. Once you’re satisfied with the button,  you can choose to grab either the CSS code for your website or download the PNG image to place in your other marketing assets.

Remember, designing a great call to action button requires attention to its color, size, offer, and placement. If you’re looking for best practices on how to create call to action buttons that convert visitors into leads, check out our blog post “How to Create an Irresistible Call-to-Action”.

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