• Found Bytes Episode 3: On Customer Feedback & Reputation with Aaron Weiche

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This week on Found Bytes, David Mihm talks with the GatherUp CEO Aaron Weiche all about customer feedback, online reviews, and online reputation management for local businesses. Aaron is the co-founder of MNSearch, a non-profit dedicated to education and standards awareness of search marketing community in Minnesota, as well as a partner in LocalU, a seminar series providing small business training in sustainable local search marketing.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

Listeners learn all about the ins and outs of gathering customer feedback and the importance of baking in feedback opportunities into your customer service routine. Aaron is a big fan of Net Promoter Scores (or NPS) surveys and spends some time explaining to listeners what this metric is and how it can help readjust your marketing plans. NPS survey or elsewhere, Aaron advises on asking the right amount of questions and listening to your customers through reviews, even if that means taking a time out to process it first. 

Next, David and Aaron dive into first party reviews vs. third-party reviews, review gating and how best to use Google reviews for future marketing efforts. The two also chat a bit about Yelp’s Why and give their “hot takes” on Netflix’s new “Million Dollar Bully” movie on that very subject.

Resources Mentioned

Sarah Cavicchi
Sarah Cavicchi
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