• Quick and Easy Fitness Marketing Techniques That Work With Your Routine

As a fitness business owner, your schedule gets booked fast. Keeping up with classes, clients, trainers and maintaining your facility doesn’t allow much time for a marketing plan. But if you can carve out a couple of minutes per day, you can create valuable marketing content without disrupting your other responsibilities. Read below for tips and tricks to optimize fitness marketing techniques during your day-to-day duties.

Upload On-The-Go

For gyms and studios, creating video content to post online can be a quick, easy and fun way to promote your brand. Here are a few video ideas you can create in a snap, and get back to business in minutes.

  • Tour the studio in real-time: Take your Facebook or Instagram pages live during one of your classes, or at the height of the busiest part of the day. It’s a great way to give potential clients a look inside your gym or studio, and helps reinforce your support for current clients by showcasing some of their hard work.
  • Make a move of the day: Take a few minutes to grab one of your trainers and have them demonstrate that perfect squat form, or give a couple of moves viewers can do at home. Content like this is one of the most engaging fitness marketing techniques and re-establishes your studio’s expertise. Whether you’re teaching Pilates or cross-training, video content can highlight your knowledge within a specific fitness genre.
  • Offer one minute of motivation: Start the morning off right with some uplifting advice and a quick look at what’s happening at your business that day via a video. This is a great way to reach your audience with a more natural, personable message and give others a peek into the world of a fitness entrepreneur.

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Treat Trainers as Brand Ambassadors

Inside your gym or studio, your trainers are supporting your business by motivating and inspiring clients to get fit, so why not ask them to carry some of that same momentum on the outside?

  • Gather kudos: Ask trainers to give your business shout-outs on social media by posting about classes they’re teaching with pictures or videos. While this may not seem like a huge marketing effort, posts like this can promote your brand organically to a new audience. It’s free advertising for you, and a great way to build a larger community for your business.
  • Give your trainers swag: Even if you’re not ready to roll out branded apparel for clients to buy, having it readily available for your trainers and employees to wear can be an effective way to advertise outside of your gym or studio. Chances are if they’re working in the fitness industry, they’re going to look the part — so why not put your name out there on a walking, talking billboard that promotes a fit lifestyle?

Leverage Client Content

Clients can be your biggest business advocates. From re-posting their content on social media to promoting a client of the month — getting them more engaged with your business is a powerful fitness marketing technique that promotes your brand and builds customer retention at the same time.

  • Share and repost: If your clients have social media pages, chances are they’ve posted about attending classes or checking in to your gym or studio. By reposting or sharing their content, you can turn their sweaty post-class selfies into a quick marketing tactic with a simple click of a button. Of course, be sure to ask permission first.
  • Give your clients props: Whether it’s a birthday greeting, ‘client of the month’ post or after class group photo — creating content that you can tag and they can repost will help your brand reach a wider audience online. Plus, it’s a great way to support the people that make your business possible.

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