• February Instagram Ideas and Examples

Ah, February.

January is exciting and new, with lots of great ideas and fresh energy. Then February comes in as a wakeup call. The holidays are officially over, the goal setting has taken place, and now it’s time to get to work achieving them.

Social media marketing should be an area of focus for you this year if it isn’t already. Instagram, in particular, is a great platform for developing your brand voice, connecting with your target audience, and ultimately landing new customers. In this post we’ll cover various holidays, national observances, themes, and hashtags you can use for creative Instagram marketing this February.

February Instagram Ideas and Examples


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Ideas and Examples for Instagram Marketing in February

1. #Febsale

If you’re just getting started with your Instagram marketing, start basic with something as simple as a #Febsale. In the below example,  the small business Mexicali took a snapshot of their ready-to-ship orders to promote their February sale and encourage people to buy.

They didn’t use a photo shoot or fancy Photoshop graphics; just a simple behind-the-scenes sneak peek and a caption that closes with a question.

February instagram ideas
If you need help crafting your messaging, check out our Instagram Caption Ideas post

2. Use #FebruaryFeels to Connect with Your Audience

You don’t need to have a sale for a February-friendly Instagram post. How about just appealing to your audience’s mood during this time of year?

february instagram ideas febfeels

Just make sure you’re appealing to the mood of your specific audience in February as it relates to your business. Is your audience focused on filing tax forms in February? Returning back to school after break? Reading love stories and seeking positive vibes?

 Looking for more ways to market your business on Instagram? Download our free eBook: Getting Started with Instagram for Business. 

 3. Use #FebruaryFeels for a Testimonial

Look back through your photos or even consumer-generated posts. Can you repurpose any of them for a #FebruaryFeels-inspired testimonial, as the Australian Girls Choir does below?

february instagram ideas febfeels girlschoir


Think this is the route you want to take? Learn from How to Write Customer Success Stories or How to Get Customer Testimonials

4. Love Your Pet Day Giveaway

Love Your Pet day is February’s opportunity for you to shamelessly post about your pet. Or, you can do something like Select Hotels did and come up with a creative pet-themed incentive.

For customers who post a picture with their pet in the comments section of their post, “A surprise awaits the two of you on your next visit.” We love the creativity! (And also the adorable puppy).

February instagram ideas love your pet day


The Instagram example above is a good reminder that you don’t have to be in the animal or pet industry to take advantage of pet-related holidays. Think about your target audience’s relationship with pets and see if you can come up with something clever.

5. Use #FebruaryFavorites to Promote Other Content

“February Favorites” blog posts are a great opportunity to offer something of value to your audience. You can share a roundup of your most popular products or services during February to help new or indecisive buyers decide, or you might share a list of favorite tips, tools, products, or resources related to your audience’s goals and needs.

Then, as with the example below, you can drive traffic to your blog post with an Instagram post and a link to the blog post in the caption:

February Instagram Ideas February Favorites


Or you can include a link to the blog post in the bio section of your Instagram profile:


February Instagram Ideas february favorites promote a blog post link in bio

For more help coming up with blog posts, read Blog Content Ideas.


6. Use #FebruaryFeature to Promote Products

Whether the product you are promoting is February-themed or not, you can make it so by using the hashtag #Februaryfeature. Pick something you’d like to promote in February and see if #Februaryfeature can help increase sales and engagement related to it.

February instagram ideas february feature


7. Use #FebruaryFeature to Feature an Employee

As an alternative to featuring a product for February, you could also feature an employee, student, or customer. These types of feature posts can get your employees, customers, and fans excited about your business. Plus, they’ll want to share their “celebrity” post with their network, which can help increase your reach.

February instagram ideas february feature 2


8. Raise Awareness on National Wear Red Day

National Wear Red Day is focused on raising awareness for heart disease. On this day, post an applicable picture to Instagram on this day with an eye-opening stat.

February instagram ideas wear red day


9. Invite Your Audience to a Wear Red Day Event

Or, you might host an event in support of cardiovascular health and promote it on Instagram.

february instagram ideas wear red day event invite


For more ways to get the word out about your events, read How to Promote an Event.

10. Post Pictures from a Wear Red Day Event

If you do go ahead with an event, make use of real-time marketing and post pictures from the event!

February instagram ideas wear red day post from an event


11. Run a Presidents Day Sale

Another simple way to implement some February-themed marketing is through a President’s Day Sale. You can promote your sale on Instagram by taking pictures of signage if you have it, as with the example below:

february instagram ideas presidents day sale


Or, you can post pictures of the items that are on sale. Either way, make sure the details of your sale are somewhere in your post, whether in the image itself or the caption. The less uncertainty for your audience, the more likely they are to engage.


february instagram ideas presidents day sale


february instagram ideas presidents day sale


You can also see with the above two examples that hashtags are used to describe the item up for sale. This hashtag strategy is most effective for reaching an audience who knows exactly what they’re looking for. However, it also serves as a way to reveal details of the product without cluttering up the caption or having to label the photo.

For more hashtag etiquette, read Hashtag Dos and Don’ts for Business Marketing.

12. Mardi Gras Giveaway

Another February Instagram marketing idea is to run an Instagram giveaway. Capitalize on the positive Mardi Gras vibes to engage your audience, gain new followers, and generate leads.

Your prize could be a Mardi-Gras themed gift basket as with these tag-a-friend contests below:


february instagram ideas mardi gras giveaway




february instagram ideas mardi gras giveaway


Or, you could have a non-Mardi Gras-themed gift for which followers can enter to win by making purchases during the week of Mardi Gras, as with the example below:


february instagram ideas mardi gras giveaway

A third option would be to run a giveaway whereby the prize is given out at a Mardi Gras event.

13. Wear Beads Sale

Another way to incorporate Mardi Gras into your Instagram posts is to offer a discount to those who wear Mardi Gras beads to your store, event, or classes. Promote the sale ahead of time with a post and encourage followers throughout the day by posting pictures of customers wearing their beads.

february instagram ideas wear beads sale

14. Fresh Start February

Another theme you can take advantage of in your February Instagram marketing is #FreshStartFebruary. This is especially applicable for businesses in the health and wellness industry.


february instagram ideas fresh start february



february instagram ideas fresh start february


As you can see, there is much more to February than Valentines Day. Use the ideas above for creative and quality engagement with your audience—the best way to market your business.

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Kristen McCormick
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