• Father’s Day Marketing Ideas

If you find yourself struggling to stay busy as the beginning of Summer arrives, you might not even be aware of all the holidays and marketing opportunities that happen in June. With Father’s Day around the corner, your company has the opportunity to see an influx of sales and traffic from partners, children, and friends trying to find the perfect gift. Below are some tips Father’s Day marketing ideas for all types of businesses.

Father's Day Marketing Ideas  


Father’s Day Email Promotions

June can be one of the hardest times to keep your sales afloat, but email marketing is one way to reach customers directly. Email marketing campaigns are very effective for promoting time-sensitive sales, special events, and seasonal discounts. Email newsletters can alert your clients of special Father’s Day sales and promotions to look out for as June approaches. As the day grows closer, think about increasing your discounts or offering in-store promotions to draw customers into your store. Some attention-grabbing email newsletter headlines can be:

  • Bacon and Beer Spa Special
  • Father’s Day Barbecue and Sale This Weekend
  • Upcoming Daddy-Daughter Dance Day

Partner with Local Businesses

Not every business has a product whose success will necessarily be either positively or negatively impacted by the arrival of Father’s Day. If this is the case for your business, consider partnering with another local store to build a relationship with another business and potentially gain a whole new client base. You and the other business will have the chance to direct clients to each other’s stores for special discounts and promotions, and clients will gain exposure to a company they may have never heard about before!

Some examples of businesses partnering together can be:

  • Restaurant and local boutique serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres while customers shop
  • Fitness class outside with live performances from a music store
  • Nearby businesses having sidewalk sales

Dad-Related Promotions

Doing something outside of the box is a fun way to get more interest in your business and get new customers. If you don’t have what’s typically considered a “masculine” business that has Fathers banging down your doors, don’t worry! Check out these ways to “man up” for the season and bring the dads in!

  • Wine and paint bars can partner with a restaurant to serve beer, a nice dinner, and paint sporty logos or grilling designs
  • Yoga studios can work with a local restaurant for an outdoor yoga and barbecue session
  • A local bakery can encourage fathers and their children to come decorate sports-themed cookies
  • Interior designers can raffle off a man-cave makeover (this can double as a great Social Media giveaway!)

Run a Social Media Contest

Consider creating a special hashtag for your business’s Father’s Day sales and running a social media contest on Instagram or Facebook.  You can have your clients post pictures of them celebrating with their purchase from your company, or run a contest where your clients just post pictures of them with their dads celebrating the day. The winner can win a gift card, company merchandise, or a discount off of a future purchase.

Below are some examples of the types of Father’s Day social media contests you can run:

  • Tag a dad who deserves a shoutout and a discount
  • Post a picture with your dad doing your favorite activity together or celebrating Father’s Day
  • Comment your favorite “dad joke”
  • Comment your favorite memory with your Father
  • Post a #ThrowbackThursday photo with your Father
  • Post a #TransformationTuesday photo of your first and most recent Father’s Day with your dad to show how much you’ve grown together

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Give a Gift with Purchase

Gifts with purchases are an easy way to help your company become a household name and encourage your customers to come back and shop from you again.  Some gifts can include:

  • Gift certificates to be used the week of Father’s Day
  • Scratch-off tickets with a hidden discount off a next purchase
  • Gift certificates with a certain percentage off a future purchase
  • Small store merchandise
  • A coupon for your store that is given when the client purchases from a small business you’re partnering with

Discounts on Father-Related Items

If applicable to your business, think about having discounts on certain items that are typically associated with Father’s Day. These items can be:

  • Barbecues and other cooking items
  • Father’s Day meals (good for catering businesses)
  • Handmade cards or gifts
  • Other seasonal products

The ideas in this post are specifically catered to applying for a client base that’s looking to celebrate Father’s Day, but the general ideas of these promotions and giveaways can easily be modified to apply to any other holiday, too!  Keep an eye out for other fun and creative holidays happening throughout the year, not just national ones, and see how creative your sales can get!

What are some of the most creative ways you’ve celebrated Father’s Day at your business?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve always really enjoyed the idea of marketing with gift cards. I’m far from an expert, but it seems like most people I know seem to enjoy those types of promotions as well. All of your other tips were fantastic as well, but that’s the one that stood out to me. Thanks for sharing!

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