• Fall Into Digital: Autumn-Themed Ways To Grow Your Business

Being headquartered just outside of Boston, the ThriveHive team is certainly guilty of loving the fall. From sweater weather to pumpkin spice lattes, our office indulges in all of the best autumn favorites. These favorite scents and sensations make for flavorful inspiration to nurture your small business marketing. Here are 4 fall-inspired ways to build your brand and enchant your audience.

4 Ways To Grow Your Business This Fall

Freshly Picked Apples

There’s nothing quite as crisp or fresh as an apple picked right from the tree. Why not liven up your website with some brand new, home-grown content? Make sure your information is up to date and highlight some great achievements or company updates.

Boots & Scarves

Around here, it’s difficult to go a day without spying someone else in new boots and a scarf. The best thing about these two fall wardrobe staples is what they portray: your personality! Don’t be afraid to have a unique voice and style online. It’s what will make you stand out to your existing and potential customers. The tone you use in your digital presence says a lot about who you are and how you communicate with your customers.

Pumpkin Everything

This time of year, pumpkin flavor is everywhere! Coffee, bread, beer, and more—pumpkin is a major fall theme in food and decor. Take note! The consistency of the flavor sells and consistency in your content and branding will help sell you. Have a clear message and tone and make sure that it is delivered consistently across all of your content and materials.

Changing Leaves

As the seasons transition, leaves turn colors and change from bright greens to vibrant reds and oranges. Just like your content, it’s important to keep up with the times. Stay on top of content and SEO best practices, and make sure your content stays up to date with your latest offerings, specials, staff, etc. Keep your content rich, vibrant, and exciting!

You don’t have to be in New England to take advantage of all fall has to offer (although we do encourage you to visit and see the foliage). Use these autumn themes as inspiration for growing your business, no matter what time of year it is!


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This post was originally published September 2014 and updated September 2017.
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