• Fall back to basics for your small business


Saturday is the first official day of Fall, and that’s got us thinking; how do businesses transition from summer to fall in their marketing?

Fall means many things to people. For some it’s back to school, for others it’s the notion that Oktoberfest is right around the corner… Most importantly, it’s back to basics for your business. Follow these simple steps to increase branding and profitability for your business!

Fall Back to Basics

1. Update Your Company Website

  • Remove any old coupons from 2011/earlier 2012
  • Update content – Add new photos, success stories & customer testimonials.

2. Reach Out

  • We celebrate Thanksgiving during the fall, and this is an awesome opportunity to say “Thanks for being a great customer!” Send your customers a card with a personal note, or send a mass email to let them know how much you appreciate them.
  • Email Marketing – Use every opportunity to grow your email list. Great ways to gather emails include adding a contact form on your website or asking for emails at POS.
  • Lead Generation Programs – Offer existing customers a bonus or discount for referring their friends.
  • Search Engine Marketing – Use SEM to improve your online visibility. Paid search ads can dramatically increase your leads in both number and quality.

3. Review Social Media Accounts

  • Check any outstanding accounts and make sure all have your most current information.
  • Keep Facebook up to date – confirm all posts are relevant and respond appropriately to comments.
  • Twitter – is anyone talking about you? Tweet back!

4. Set up Google Analytics

  • It’s FREE! (and really, who doesn’t like free things?)
  • Google Analytics will capture data on your business’ website, including where your customers are coming from, how long they stay on your site and which are your most popular pages.

5. Google Your Business!

  • Review what comes up on a basic search.
  • Verify your business information.
  • Search for reviews/mentions of your name – if bad, respond. If good, respond!


As a business owner, your main focus is making sure your company is profitable. By taking an afternoon this fall to implement any of the above suggestions, you can be confident that your company’s online presence is working towards your bottom line!

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