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With the demanding schedule of a small business owner, it can be difficult to set aside time to sit down with your computer and stay on top of your day-to-day tasks. Between meetings and errands and mile-long to-do lists, email and other computer-based tasks can sometimes get left behind. Not any more! Mobile applications are the wave of the future, providing on-the-go solutions to running your entire business when you're constantly on the move...

Facebook Holiday Marketing Tips

It’s projected that over one-third of consumer’s budgets will be spent at local stores this holiday season.[1] For local businesses that are successfully competing against eCommerce businesses and big retailers, social media has become a critical component of their marketing strategy. Curious about how you can attract new business through Facebook during the holidays?

While most local business owners don’t have access to the same resources as their big business counterparts, there are endless ways to leverage your business’s Facebook page to promote your business effectively. Whether you’re new to Facebook or already have an engaged following, we’ll give you last minute holiday marketing strategies and creative ideas for your business’s Facebook page. This tips will work through the winter holidays or check out our ideas for Valentine’s Day marketing and February marketing ideas.

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Shop Local Movement and Holiday Spending

When survey respondents were asked, “Why shop local?”[2]

There’s a growing national trend for consumers to shop at their local businesses. Nationwide holidays like “Small Business Saturdays” (November 30th this year) are aimed at driving traffic to small businesses. Spending time to boost your Facebook marketing efforts will help your business both for the short-term sales goals, and for the long term branding vision. Use your business’s Facebook page to increase your business’s visibility to attract new customers, nurture relations with old customers, and generate a major portion of your annual revenue.

Key Marketing Trends and Holiday Predictions for 2014

  • Retail sales this year will be marginally stronger than last year.[3]
  • Two-thirds of shoppers plan on shopping locally at small businesses, independent retailers, or boutique shops.[4]
  • The top holiday gifts for 2013 are gift cards, tech products, toys, food, and apparel.[5]

The trends seen in this year’s spending projections and consumers surveys all point to what customers are looking for when making a purchase decision. Good customer service. Despite the omnipresent promotion noise from big retailers, small business owners can still capture the attention of consumers. Thirty-seven percent of survey respondents still prefer shopping in a physical store rather than shop online for holiday products citing good customer service as being the decisive factor.

Local business owners can use the “small business” and “mom and pop shop” marketing angle to capture consumer’s attention on Facebook. To leverage consumer sentiments about good customer service and the holidays, post Facebook content that is more personable. You can:

  • Share an amusing anecdote about the holidays.
  • Crowd source holiday anecdotes or pictures from your Facebook fans.
  • Share a picture of a popular product along with ideas for who it would make a great gift for.
  • Post customer testimonials or rave reviews about a unique product or service that you offer and briefly explain why it would make a great gift.
  • Putting up holiday decor or having a holiday party with co-workers? Sharing behind-the-scene content will showcase the faces and personalities behind the business.
  • Share or crowd source family recipes for holiday dinners or ask for ideas for what to do with holiday leftovers.

Personable posts are a great way for increasing engagement on Facebook and for your business’s branding. Although you may not be directly pushing your products, increasing “Likes” and “Shares” on your page will help your business’s Facebook page gain visibility and spread word of mouth about your business.

Mobile Marketing and Holiday Shopping

  • Seven out of 10 smartphone users plan to use devices for holiday shopping
  • Shoppers are using their phones to search for store locations, check and compare -prices, and find product information.
  • Smartphone shoppers plan on spending 27% more on holiday gifts than non-smartphone shoppers.

Smartphone usage trends indicate that consumers are forming mobile shopping habits. SMB owners have unprecedented access to their customers through Facebook. They can reach their customers while they’re at work, at home, or on the go. The takeaway? It’s becoming increasingly important to optimize your posts for mobile devices. Your Facebook content should help consumers find what they’re looking for when they’re on their mobile devices: store information and hours, pricing information, and special offers. Your mobile strategy can include:

  • Boosting the frequency of your Facebook posts to reach holiday shoppers with smart phones (especially over the weekend)
  • Keep posts to 160 characters or less to prevent your posts from being cut off
  • Use active verbs in your Call-to-Actions “Click here, share now, watch now, etc.” to cue engagement from  mobile Facebook users
  • Post more images- images take up the entire screen on mobile phones, making a bigger impact with mobile viewers.

Inspired yet? Now, you’re empowered with the marketing know-how to successfully promote your business on Facebook (even beyond the holiday season). Need more help or ideas for this marketing your business this season? Read more about other examples of marketing strategies or download 50 Creative Holiday Marketing Ideas or Facebook Holiday Marketing Kit.

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