• Facebook Advertising: 3 Steps for Success in the New Year


The New Year is in full swing. Businesses are hoping to continue the trend of high sales and web traffic that occurred during the holiday rush. Facebook ads are a great way to keep riding that high-sales wave.

When considering advertising on Facebook for business, there are a few key elements that must be identified and examined. It takes more than just adding some text and a few low resolution images of your storefront, and calling it a day.

Looking at your business objectively can be an invaluable tool in recognizing the best way to convey your messaging and identifying the most effective tactic in creating your ad.

This process can be broken down into three easy steps:

1.  Review  your Ad Copy

What messaging are you looking to use? Is your messaging consistent with Facebook’s limitations? Step outside of your everyday role and think about what you would want to know about your promotion if you were a potential customer. Once your message is identified and it is within Facebook’s limitations, you are most of the way there!

2.  Use High Resolution Images

Do the images in your ad need to be National Geographic quality? No. Would images of this standard provide for a better ad? Yes. Imagery for your ad can be almost as important as the copy itself. High-resolution images that are wholly representative of the business or promotion are going to provide the best chance of a client clicking through. It is important that these ads are appealing. By using images that weren’t captured with a flip phone in 2002, your ad will have a heightened sense of credibility to a consumer.

3.  Integrate Collateral  

You now have your ad in front of you. However, you’re not necessarily done here. Think about collateral that you may have overlooked. For example, has your business ever hosted an event with a professional photographer? Do you have any videos of your work in action? These are really strong tools to add into your ad campaigns, creating a more powerful (and effective!) result.

Here’s an example of great collateral at work: When creating a campaign for a motocross event, an ad was created that looked appealing, had good verbiage, but something was missing. After teasing out a bit more information, it was exposed that they had a great video that was perfect for an ad. The echoing sound from two-stroke dirt bikes and rock music was exactly what the ad needed to attract the demographic they were seeking. Who knew video ads were a viable option? After doing a little digging, they were able to run a successful campaign that showcased a video that was perfect for their industry.

By working through these three simple steps, you can ensure that the ad will be able to relay your information in a way that will attract business. Sure, it’s always important to be thinking about gaining customers, but when creating these ads it is important to think bigger than just an image and text.

What is my industry? Who is my most lead generating demographic? Why would a customer click on this? These are all questions to identify when creating your next killer Facebook ad.

Think about these ads as a representation of your business and put your best material out there to generate the business you are hoping to obtain in the New Year!


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