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Each day, more companies are using Facebook to advertise for their business. Because Facebook provides many different ad types and has a huge audience, many businesses are finding that this is a cost-effective way to advertise. In this article, we will discuss Facebook ad types, show Facebook ad examples and discuss the benefits of Facebook advertising.

Facebook provides several different ways to advertise for your business, which can help drive more customers to your website. Let’s take a look at some Facebook ad examples and some effective Facebook ads to help you master Facebook advertising.

facebook ad types

Website Advertising facebook ad types domain

This ad can only be placed on the right column. With this ad, you have the option to choose a title, URL to be displayed and short description. It is an affordable option providing a click-through rate to get users to visit your website and convert to leads. The flexible nature of this ad makes it suitable for many types of businesses.

External Link Adsfacebook ad types page post link

This type of Facebook ad is perfect to promote an external website such as a blog post. These ads are placed in the Newsfeed and are great to capture user attention. With this type of ad, you’ll be able to post text and a link to explain an offer or blog post.

These ads can generate plenty of Likes for your page making it perfect for many types of businesses. Make sure to reply to any comments on the post to engage with potential customers.

Multi-Product Carousel Adsfacebook ad types carosel

This type of ad is only available in desktop and mobile options. It’s similar to a typical page post link ad but gives you the option to display up to three different products with your link.

For those who sell a variety of products or services, this is a great option because it shows users multiple things at one to give them more choices using your business.

Photo Adsfacebook ad types page post photo

This type of Facebook ad is supported in the right column on mobile and desktop devices. Photo ads engage your page fans by showcasing your pictures with a link and text.

This type of Facebook ad works best if you’re trying to target your current Page fans with visually engaging content.

Video Ads

facebook ad types page post video

Video ads are also placed in the right column and supported by mobile and desktop devices. These types of Facebook ads display a video with a description and a link to your website. With a video ad, you can target a specific audience, budget and schedule. The ad displays a video along with text.

Video advertising is a great way to engage users because it is visually engaging, but these types of ads might cost more than others. Because producing high-quality video advertisements is costly, big brands will probably benefit the most from this advertising but if you have a bit of a marketing budget to work with and great video, Facebook video ads might work for your business.

Text-Only Adsfacebook ad types page post text

A text only ad focuses on increasing page engagement. It’s designed for placement on the right column and displays on mobile and desktop devices.

Text based ads are displayed to users as description with a link. Since there is no photo, text-only ads may not perform as well as other types of ads.

Facebook Page Likes Adstypes of fb ads page likes

The purpose of this ad is to increase Facebook Likes for your business page. These types of ads are displayed on all placements and include a visible call to action for Facebook users to immediately find and “Like” your page.


Hyper-Local Adsfacebook ad types awareness

This ad type will help you to reach those physically close to your business. These ads might use the Facebook Bluetooth Beacons or other proximity-based location services.

Local awareness ads are a great option for those with brick and mortar stores who are interested in driving walk-in customers, like a restaurant, a flower shop, or a massage studio. Businesses that don’t support walk-ins should stay away from these types of ads.

Event Promotion Adsfacebook ad types promote event

Ads promoting events are great option to attract more visitors to your upcoming business event. These types of ads are supported on the right column in both desktop and mobile devices.


Promotional Offer Adsfacebook ad types promotional offer

If your store has an promotional offer or coupon to share, this is a great option. These types of ads are supported on the right column in mobile and desktop devices.

If a user clicks the ad, they’ll be given the option to redeem the offer. This is a great type of ad to run when your business has a last minute sale or needs to push inventory or services at the end of the month to make sales quota.

Ads Promoting Apps

Mobile App Adsfacebook ad types mobile app ads

This ad is displayed only on mobile devices and advertises your business app.

You’ll have many options to target a specific audience by iOS/Android users. Use this option if you only want to target mobile audiences connected to a WiFi network.


Desktop App Ads facebook ad types desktop app

This type of Facebook ad is supported on desktop devices in the right column. These ads are designed to drive users to your desktop app.

When advertising this, make sure you have a good app rating as this will be displayed on you ad. This works well for companies with desktop applications.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Is all of the work designing and strategizing Facebook ads worth the time and effort? Indeed it is!

The benefits of Facebook advertising include:

  • Enhanced audience targeting: By using CRM data, you can hone in on your potential Facebook audience. You’ll reach new people who are similar to your current customer base by focusing on audience targeting.
  • Expanded reach to mobile audiences: More users are becoming active on their mobile devices. With mobile ads, you can reach target audiences quickly and easily.
  • A/B testing to optimize ads: With this option, you can test A/B creative with a split ad testing tool.
  • More creativity: Because there are so many different types of Facebook ads available, it helps to avoid ad fatigue that customers can experience. You’ll be able to create effective Facebook ads.

Facebook has provided many businesses an opportunity to increase their sales and brand awareness. If you have a business, try Facebook ad targeting. It will help you discover which ads are perfect for your company.


  1. I appreciate this information. I would like to see the problem of “photos” in an ad addressed. They require a specialized sizing, which some of us do not have. This prevents us from advertising on Facebook because it can be difficult or impossible to convert pictures to their qualifications of 1200 x 628.

    • Emily Weisberg says:

      Hi Nancy, You’re correct in that Facebook ads do have to have specific sizes. To combat this requirement there are a few things that you can do. 1) You can resize an image or crop it to fit the size dimensions, 2) You can add text on the side of the image using a website or program like Canva or PicMonkey, or 3) You can take high resolution images that are large enough to fit the ad dimensions.
      I hope this helps!

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