• Examples of Successful Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a must-have element in every business marketing strategy. Social platforms enable your business to reach a wide audience of potential customers, to express your brand voice, and to generate brand awareness. In addition to your daily one-off posts, you may also want to try some larger campaigns with overarching themes and larger objectives.

examples of successful social media campaigns


To give you an idea of what this might look like for your business, this post provides 5 examples of successful social media campaigns carried out by popular brands. For each example, we’ll go over the elements of the campaign that made it successful.


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Successful Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns are marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram. They have the potential to engage followers, boost brand awareness, improve your business reputation, and generate leads for your business. There are many brands out there that have executed successful social media campaigns. We’ve chosen a few of our favorites to give you a closer look at what makes them successful for marketing.


At the core of its success: consistency

Social media is a great place to strengthen your brand voice and personality. When your business is able to come across with a strong brand voice, you can resonate more with your target audience and attract more of the right customers.

One company that provides a strong example of a consistent brand voice across their social media platforms is Sweetgreen. If you look at any of their platforms it is clear the message they are trying to get across, which is fresh, local, and healthy food. Sweetgreen is able to show this message by having a modern and slick look to their platforms.

examples of social media campaigns sweetgreen

By having this consistent brand image and voice as a part of their social media strategy, Sweetgreen is able to really connect with their target audience and gain followers on their social media platforms.

Air BnB

At the core of its success: market research

As mentioned above, effective social media campaigns rely on your business being able to appeal to the values and desires of their target audienceAirbnb was able to clearly get into the minds of their target audience with their social media campaign “Live There”. This campaign focused on inspiring the feeling of living in, and not just visiting, the places of one’s travels. Airbnb did research on their target audience before this campaign and found that 86% of their customers use their platform because they wanted to live like locals did when they traveled.

examples of social media campaigns airbnb

To implement this campaign, Airbnb paired with professional photographers who were able to take inviting pictures of different destinations around the world. Then Airbnb would caption the photo with where the picture was taken and who took it, and then put a link in their bio to book the next trip.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

At the core of its success: partnering

Partnering with complimentary businesses can help turn an average social media campaign into a major success. Having two businesses come together and combine their efforts for a social media campaign can help to strengthen its messaging and appeal to a larger audience.

Make-A-Wish is well-known for documenting their heartfelt stories across multiple social media platforms, and by partnering with Disney to make their social media campaign “Share Your Ears” they were able to amplify their impact.

examples of social media campaigns shareyourears

This social media campaign pulled on a lot of heartstrings and encouraged social media users to engage. In fact, it turned out to be more successful than originally planned, which encouraged Disney to double the original amount they were going to spend.


At the core of its success: engagement

Apple’s “#ShotOniPhone” social media campaign helped to increase engagement across its audience. This social media campaign was purely based on customer photos (also known as consumer-generated content). The point of the campaign was to show how much Apple had improved their camera feature with the new iPhone. To be featured in this campaign all you had to do was use the hashtag “#ShotOniPhone” and you had a chance to be featured on Apple’s social media accounts.

examples of social media campaigns shotoniphone

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At the core of its success: social responsibility

A lot of successful social media campaigns are associated with a social responsibility message. Supporting causes that you and your target audience care about encourages your audience to engage with you and helps to humanize your brand.

The shoe company TOMS has always put out a positive social responsibility message alongside their brand personality and brand voice. Their social media campaign #withoutshoes encourages people to go a day without shoes in order to raise awareness about those in the world who don’t have them.

examples of social media campaigns withoutshoes

Another reason this social media campaign was a success was that it was time-limited— only one day. Giving people the opportunity to engage but only for a day added some urgency to the campaign, and concentrated all of the engagement into a short timeframe. In addition, not wearing shoes for a day was a tangible way that people could participate.

Successful social media campaigns require careful thought and planning, as well as active participation and effort on your part throughout the campaign. Yet they are worth it, as they can help you to get the word out about your business. We hope these examples provided you with some inspiration and ideas for your own campaign!


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