• 5 Examples of Professional Email Signatures

Email is a key communication tool in today’s day and age. For any professional, regardless of their industry, email will be the way the majority of social interactions are conducted. That’s why, when it comes to emails, your signature is supremely important. Your email signature is the modern equivalent of a printed business card. A poorly constructed signature is akin to you scribbling your information on a scrap of paper. Even if you have followed the 10 golden rules for email blasts, a poor email signature can detract from your emails’ effectiveness.

Examples of Professional Email Signatures

It is clear that email signatures are of utmost importance. But how does one craft examples of email signatures? What some examples of professional email signatures? Thankfully, we have all the pointers you need. Here are some points you should consider in re-crafting your signature:

  • The email address itself. The email server you use to host your email address, as well as your email URL itself, are important to a professional email. Something like dogfan225@yahoo.com looks unprofessional, and, frankly, childish. Try to emulate what an office email address would look like.
  • Your email settings. It’s always worth keeping in mind that an email’s default settings are not necessarily the best ones. For example, many email engine’s default setting is to show just a person’s first name when they send emails. So, instead of receiving an email from Jane Green janeg122@yahoo.com they would see just this: Jane <janeg122@yahoo.com>
  • Name and title. In your email signature, include your full name. Don’t force people to scroll up in order to be able to refer to your last name. Consider using a different type of font or a font in a different (but subtle) color.  Simple is usually best. Put your full job title after your name. If you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, put a title related to your line of work. For example, if you are a freelance content writer, you can put down “digital strategist,” or “content writer,” or something similar.
  • Contact information. Communication is key. If you want to get work done and solve problems quickly, you need to make it easy to contact you. Always include your email and phone number on every new, forward, or reply email. It may seem redundant, as you’re already communicating via email, but it can make all the difference when you’re networking or writing introduction emails.
  • Social media networks. If you are active on social media, and your social media channels are professional, feel free to put links to them in your email tagline.
  • Tagline. Your need for a tagline can vary based on your current job situation. If you work for a corporation, having a personal tagline may seem odd, even unprofessional. If you are communicating often with customers or clients outside of the company’s email system, consider using the company’s tagline. If you are self-employed, craft a tagline that encompasses your professional essence.  Here are some example taglines:
    • “You create, we translate.” Tagline for a translation service.
    • “I help organizations use social media for recruiting, sales and marketing.” Freelancer tagline.
    • “Personal finance that makes cents.” Account manager at an investment firm.
  • Optimization. It is important that you optimize your email signature to show clearly across devices and on different email servers. Make sure that your logo or other graphics are of reasonable size. Be very careful with HTML formatting because you don’t know how it will appear as you want it to for everyone. Condense the signature to a few lines maximum. It’s a good idea to test your email signature before putting it into regular use.

Email Signatures Examples

While we’ve provided helpful tips about professional email signatures in other blog posts, it’s easiest to learn by example. Take a look at these examples of professional email signatures for some inspiration.

1. Simple Email Signature Example

This email signature is simple, yet effective. Sometimes, your best option is the easiest one: no-frills and to the point. This email signature is nothing to write home about, but it’s extremely professional, well organized, and does the job. You can’t go wrong with a standard signature like this one, as “cookie cutter” as it may be. Remember: a professional email signature, however, boring, is better than no signature, or worse, an unprofessional one.

email signatures examples

2. Professional Email Signature Example

This email signature makes good use of different fonts and colors. Though the colors used, orange and teal, are bright ones, the user has managed to make them look positive and professional. The email signature is very well organized and easy to read. John Smith, in this signature, provides several methods of contact, making him appear very reachable. Not only does he offer an email and two phone numbers, but he also provides you with three instant chat options if you need to get in touch immediately.

email signatures examples

3. Professional Email Signature Example

This is an example of a great professional email signature. This signature makes use of a good tagline, letting you know exactly what it is the sender does. It also provides a plethora of contact information, and includes aesthetically-pleasing links to John Smith’s social media channels. In using social media HTML buttons, John Smith shows he is digitally savvy. He includes a subtle plug to his new book—the plug is a clever marketing strategy and is very well used in the email signature.

email signatures examples

4. Casual Unprofessional Email Signature Example

This email signature is a bit less than satisfactory. It seems too casual to be effective. The choice of font and font color is a bit cartoonish. Moreover, the tagline below it is not well written. The “Hi!” is too informal and unnecessary. “Visit my Social services profiles” is not written well and is not properly capitalized or punctuated.

email signatures examples

5. Humorous Unprofessional Email Signature Example

This email signature would be good were it not for the photo of Einstein. While John Smith may have thought, in crafting his signature, that this funny photo of Einstein would add some humor, it looks very unprofessional. If you’re unsure whether or not humor is suitable for your office environment or professional situation, it’s better to veer on the side of caution. This email signature is just fine without the photo.

email signatures examples

Need More Help?

For more tips on crafting effective and attractive signatures, refer to our article on professional email signatures.

As you start brainstorming and putting your email signature to use, remember that less is often more. Your email signature should be well-organized, easy to read, and not too cluttered. Include all prudent information and omit what isn’t relevant. That said, don’t be afraid to get a bit creative! Your email signature is an undercover marketing tool—use it! 

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