• 11 Examples of Effective Yelp Profiles

Examples of Effective Yelp Profiles

Over 69 million unique users visit Yelp monthly both to read and leave reviews. What they say about your business and what they read about it can either earn you customers or send them running. But there’s more. It’s also the completeness and the quality of your profile that can work for or against you. How can you be sure, then, that your Yelp profile is serving your business well? By following in the footsteps of the many diverse businesses that are using Yelp successfully!

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Examples of Effective Yelp Profiles


11 Examples of Effective Yelp Profiles

Businesses across the country are using this platform to gain increased exposure, reel in new customers, and engage with the communities they create. What can you learn from their profiles?

1. Pineapples Island Fresh Cuisine | Claim Your Profile

Popular Hawaiian eatery Pineapples Island Fresh Cuisine teaches a fundamental Yelp best practice—the importance of claiming your profile. Without having done so, it’s unlikely that the restaurant’s profile would be so robust, complete with hundreds of reviews, photos, and all the business info a potential customer could possibly need.

Often, although a business may not be using Yelp, it may have an existing profile with basic business info and a number of reviews. If this is the case with your business, the first thing you need to do is claim your profile. Doing so is the first step to taking control of your image on Yelp.

Examples of Effective Yelp Profiles

2. The House | Have a Review Strategy

Loved by locals and tourists alike, The House has raked in 4,000+ overwhelmingly positive reviews. Of course, these were not accumulated overnight. Nor were they written by the only 4,000 people who review businesses without being asked. It’s safe to assume that The House has a very effective way of encouraging happy diners to review the restaurant on Yelp.

Likewise, you need to develop an effective review strategy for your business. Of course, this does not involve bribing your customers (or anyone else) to write less-than-honest, 10-star reviews. However, you should be asking for reviews, knowing that many people simply don’t leave them unless prompted to.

A steady stream of positive feedback can, of course, set potential customers at ease and build their confidence in you. However, there’s often an additional benefit. Especially for certain types of businesses, people may also be inclined to share pictures of their experiences, which can add to the power of their words.

The more genuine, positive reviews you can generate with your review strategy, the better.

Examples of Effective Yelp Profiles

3. Direct Carpet Unlimited | Stay on Top of Your Hours

It probably goes without saying that your business hours are among the most important info on your profile. After all, not listing accurate hours could cause all sorts of problems including the loss of many potential sales and negative word of mouth. They could be the difference between someone coming in to see you versus turning to your competitors instead. This is true not just on a daily basis, but also and especially during periods where normal hours are changed.

Direct Carpet Unlimited is well aware of this reality. As a result, the company wisely takes advantage of Yelp’s feature, which allows for the input of upcoming special hours such as closures. You too should be sure to list your normal business hours, plus any special hours to come.

Examples of Effective Yelp Profiles

4. Maison De Cheveux | Include Deals and Promotions

Although doing so is optional, Maison De Cheveux, a hair salon in New Orleans, recognized the benefits of offering deals. This successful salon is proof that you don’t have to offer huge discounts to get the results you want. As little as $5 or 10% off can do the trick to persuade new or past customers to do business with you. Whenever possible, offer deals and incentives that will motivate people to do more than just glance at your Yelp profile.

Examples of Effective Yelp Profiles

5. Tru-Line Bellevue | Describe Your Business

Most of the time, your Yelp profile is the first look potential customers get at your business. Therefore, they need to get a clear understanding of what you do and offer right away before they lose interest. This is where your business description comes in. Make sure to complete the About the Business section.

Auto repair business Tru-Line Bellevue demonstrates nicely how to use this section to the full. Not only are the company’s specialties listed and explained, but a history of the company and the business owner are also provided. Regardless of what kind of business you own, you can use this section, in the same way, to give profile visitors a well-rounded understanding of your business and confidence in what you offer.

Examples of Effective Yelp Profiles

6. DiGregorio’s Market | Provide Additional Attributes

It’s inevitable that visitors to your profile will have questions that are not answered in your business description. For example, a person may be wondering if you accept credit card payments. Whether or not they choose to make a purchase from you may depend on their getting a definitive answer. This is where the More Business Info section comes in. It allows you to confirm or deny offering a variety of services and conveniences.

In imitation of DiGregorio’s Market, you should answer “yes” or “no” for any and all features that may apply to your business. If someone could reasonably wonder about it, fill in an answer for it. Your answers just may give a person the push they need to come see you and they can also prevent unnecessary frustrations. Don’t dismiss the More Business Info section as unimportant or optional.

Examples of Effective Yelp Profiles

7. Shea Roofing | Answer the Community

As mentioned before, profile visitors may have unanswered questions about your business. With Yelp, they can ask and get answers. Often, customers take the initiative to help out and provide the needed information. Yet, they are not the only ones who can do this, as Shea Roofing illustrates.

You, the business owner, can answer questions directly, which gives you an excellent opportunity to nurture the interest of your Yelp profile visitors. Answer questions in the Ask the Community section.

Examples of Effective Yelp Profiles

8. The Autobarn Volvo | Respond to Reviews

Another way you can interact directly with your audience on Yelp is by responding to reviews of your business. The Autobarn sets a good example in this regard. They don’t just respond occasionally or only to positive reviews. The business manager himself replies consistently to customer feedback, whether it’s positive or not.

Make it your practice to respond in a professional manner to the reviews you receive. This can have a significant impact on the way your business is perceived. Let people see that you truly value your customers and that you work hard to make sure they’re satisfied.

Examples of Effective Yelp Profiles9. Cardinal Moving | List the Services You Offer

If you’re in an industry that allows you to list Services Offered, take advantage of that feature. Potential customers can then see at a glance if you have what they need. Additionally, as in the case of Cardinal Moving, customer reviews can be connected with the services past customers have hired you for. When you’ve received excellent feedback and ratings, this can quickly boost your credibility.

10. Nékter Juice Bar | Create Separate Listings for Multiple Locations

This best practice is taken not just from one profile, but from several profiles created for Nékter Juice Bar—one for each of its 3 Houston locations. There are many reasons why it’s wise to create separate Yelp Listings if you have multiple locations.

In terms of local SEO, potential customers will be directed to the nearest and likely the most convenient location. It will also be easier for them to find and visit another location of their choice. Additionally, it can lessen any negative effects that might result from a drop in one location’s ratings, preventing your whole business from suffering.

11. Green View Landscape & Tree Service | Advertise on Yelp

An optimized Yelp profile can increase awareness of your business, especially if you promote it by becoming a Yelp advertiser. This is what Green View Landscape & Tree Service has done. They now appear above organic landscaping results in the sponsored section for Escondido, CA and surrounding areas. What’s more, its 100+ reviews, good star rating, and fast response time make it stand out even from the other ads from similar companies. If you advertise on Yelp, you can enjoy the same positive results.

Craft Your Own Effective Yelp Profile

What did you learn from the 11 examples of effective Yelp profiles above? Could you further optimize your Yelp profile? Up to this point, have you been procrastinating when it comes to creating or claiming it in the first place? Whatever the case, with the above best practices and suggestions in mind, you’re prepared to create a Yelp profile that works.


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