• Examples of Effective Instagram Bios

An Instagram bio can hold 150 characters at most. That’s not much at all. It’s true that Twitter has taught many how to cram a thought into few words. Yet, that skill isn’t necessarily helpful on Instagram. Why? Because the composition of your bio is more important than character count. After all, your it serves as the face of your business on Instagram. You want it to attract potential followers, not deter them. It’s necessary, then, to craft it with intention, care, and knowledge of Instagram best practices. This post will cover five key questions to guide you in writing your bio, and then provide examples of real businesses who have great Instagram bios (and why).

Examples of Effective Instagram Bios

Writing Your Instagram Bio

A lot of information can be conveyed in such a short space, and Instagram users are in need of specific information about your business upon first glance. Here are five questions to consider when creating your Instagram bio.

  • Who Are You?
    What’s the first thing you do when you meet someone new? You introduce yourself, don’t you? It’s no different on social media.
  • What Do You Do?
    For those unfamiliar with your brand, you’ll need a simple explanation of what your business is all about. They shouldn’t have to sift through your feed to answer this question. Make it clear from the start.
  • What’s Your Brand’s Personality?
    There are five core dimensions of brand personality. They are sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, and ruggedness. Which are you known for? Is your brand bold or innovative? Is it prestigious? Intelligent? Whatever it is, that should come across in your bio.
  • Who Are Your Ideal Followers & Customers?
    You want your bio to give a well-rounded sense of your brand, but don’t hesitate to cater it for your ideal customers and followers—this is who you want to attract anyway!
  • What Do You Want Searchers & Followers to Do?
    Including a link with a clear description and a call to action can help to turn your Instagram bio into a lead generation tool


Examples of Effective Instagram Bios

Below you will find examples of real Instagram business accounts whose bios support their marketing, as well as the key takeaways they provide.

Humans of New York – Include Your Name

Your handle may actually be your business name but it’s still important to parse it out in your bio. Instagram only considers the name and username on an account in response to searches. So adding your name to your account will double the chances that people can find you through search. It will also make it easier for them to tell you apart from businesses with similar names or usernames. Make sure to include it.

effective instagram bio Humans of New York - Use Name

Louis Vuitton- State You are Official

You might mention that your Instagram account is the official one your business. As in the case of Louis Vuitton, there may be other similarly-named accounts that could cause confusion. Your company may not be as popular as LV where you have to worry about fan accounts, but it can still be beneficial to you. For example, your employees may use some part of your business name in their usernames. At a glance, you’ll want searchers to be able to distinguish your official feed.

effective instagram bio Louis Vuitton - Unofficial Accounts

effective instagram bio Louis Vuitton - Unofficial Accounts


World of Vegan- Include a Link

How else can you make clear who you are? By giving more information about the faces behind your brand. World of Vegan includes their photographer’s Instagram handle in their bio as well as a link to its YouTube account where users can further familiarize with the brand.

effective instagram bio World Of Vegan - Identify Individual

Rover – Describe Your Mission

Briefly describe your mission in your Instagram bio, as with Rover below:

effective instagram bio Rover - Explanation

Short, sweet, and to the point! And the explanation doesn’t even take up all the space. Your explanation doesn’t need to be elaborate as long as it’s complete. This next example reinforces that fact.

TED- Include Your Tagline

Check out TED’ s bio below. Three words. Three recognizable words. TED simply used its tagline. What more is there to say? There’s no need for a full paragraph here. You may find that to be the case with your company as well.

effective instagram bio TED - Use Tagline


Puma- Use Powerful Words

To add personality to your bio, you can change your fonts, add line breaks, and use emojis. Yet, you can also show personality in the words themselves, as Puma Women does.

effective instagram bio Puma Women - Match Brand Aesthetic

Puma, both on and off Instagram, is known for minimalism. Thus, the Puma Women bio matches that personality. Does your bio do the same?

ASPCA- Use Keywords

Make it clear for whom your account is best suited. By using keywords such as animal cruelty and pet adoption, the ASPCA attracts followers who care about those things. Including key phrases relevant to what you do won’t improve rankings as on a search engine. But, it does help to vet and hook the people who visit your profile.

effective instagram bio ASPCA - Use Keywords


Zach King – Promote Content

Instead of linking to another one of your social media profiles in your Instagram bio, consider linking to a piece of content, as Zach King does below. Note also that he describes what the link is and asks people to take action. People are often hesitant to click on links when they don’t know where they’ll lead. A description alone can be powerful, but the addition of a call to action can prompt people who don’t pay attention to these links.

This is the only permanent clickable link you can have on Instagram. That said, you’ll want to do all you can to increase its appeal.


effective instagram bio Zach King - Include Link and Explanation


Mercedes- Include a Branded Hashtag

How else can you move people to action via your Instagram bio? With a branded hashtag, as Mercedes AMG F1 does. #DrivenByEachOther has at least two benefits. One, various official posts use that hashtag, so Mercedes sees increased engagement on its posts. Two, Formula One fans create their own posts using the hashtag. This also boosts the company’s exposure.


effective instagram bio Mercedes AMG F1 - Branded Hashtag

Are you looking for ways to increase engagement on your posts? What about ways to encourage the submission of user-generated content? A branded hashtag could be the way to go.

How Can You Improve Your Instagram Bio?

Now that you’ve seen some effective Instagram bios, how does yours stack up? Does it clearly explain who you are, the personality of your brand, and what you do? Does it identify your ideal followers and move them to take action? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your bio isn’t as effective as it could be. But not to worry! You have positive examples on hand to help you optimize.


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