• Examples of Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Examples of Effective Email Marketing Campaigns (1)

Email marketing still reigns supreme as far as a method to get in front of your customers on a consistent basis. But, with your clients’ inboxes likely being filled with emails from all of their favorite retailers, it’s important to stand out. Check out some of the most attention-grabbing email campaigns that have hit our inboxes lately.


Examples of Effective Email Marketing Campaigns (1)

Elements of Effective Email Campaigns (with Examples)

The overall trend we’re noticing is that email marketing is beginning to become much less formal. The tone of subject lines and content are leaning more toward what a text from a friend may look like and are even beginning to include emojis and gifs. Let’s break down how you can incorporate some of these methods into your own marketing mix.

Interesting Subject Lines

The subject line of your email is your first opportunity to capture your client’s attention. Legacybox recently sent an email with the subject “The bright spot in your inbox (open ASAP)”. This particular email grabbed my attention because it gave the impression that they know I’m getting a ton of solicitation emails, and maybe they have something I may actually be interested in. They were the bright spot, after all! Lo and behold, they were offering 50% off a Legacybox.

examples of effective email marketing campaigns Subject

Art.com used a similar method aimed at confronting the stereotypical subject line screaming about the deal that’s waiting for you. “A Sale That Actually Saves You Money” acknowledges their awareness that they’re not the only company sending emails offering discounts but this one is actually worth it. And it was! They were offering a huge discount of 70% off canvas art which can get pricey.


examples of effective email marketing campaigns subject2

After viewing this email I clicked through the ‘shop now’ button and wasn’t disappointed with the selection offered at the discounted rate, which brings us to one very important tip… Always deliver on your promise! If your email is sending the message that this is a special sale, event, etc. only for your customer to arrive on a landing page pushing last year’s products, you’re going to lose some clout.

Also, consider placing tailored information in the subject line. By tracking your website and user activity like recent purchases, you should be able to target customers based on their interests and grab their attention by telling them upfront that this email has content specifically relevant to them.

examples of effective email marketing campaigns subject3

I clicked through this email because I knew it was going to take me somewhere I’d like to be… the petite section of the Nordstrom website!

This next subject line uses both humor and tailored info: a double whammy. It was successful in reminding me that I’d been shopping for something specific and Target called me out for it! The language was a little cheeky, capturing my interest.


examples of effective email marketing campaigns subject4

Lastly, take a look at how marketers with a millennial clientele are using emojis in their subject lines to peak the reader’s interest. Most users are accessing the internet from their smart devices so the emoji now has a place in their inbox.


examples of effective email marketing campaigns emoji

Witty Content

Take a tip from these effective marketing emails that use humor to gain the audience’s attention. You don’t need to be the funniest person in the room to pull together an amusing email. The examples below are super simple while tickling your funny bone and bringing value to your customer. Knowing your audience, their interests, and lifestyle definitely helps when crafting this type of message.


examples of effective email marketing campaigns humor



examples of effective email marketing campaigns humor2


examples of effective email marketing campaigns humor3


If content is the meat of your email marketing campaign, then design is the gravy. Emails that are visually captivating encourage your clients to sit up and pay attention to the purpose of the email. I received the below email from a fun run organization and immediately after reading, forwarded it to a friend encouraging them to sign up with me. The bright colors and gif running at the top made the event seem like a fun time!


examples of effective email marketing campaigns design

This next example from MAC Cosmetics uses a similar strategy including bright, fun colors and a gif—the lipstick shade changes colors. The modern, cheerful design reminded me why I shop with this retailer. It’s reflective of their brand image and geared towards their core consumer.


examples of effective email marketing campaigns design2

There are plenty of design tools and email marketing platforms to help you maximize the curb appeal of your emails.


Multi-Purpose Email

Not to say you should be writing novels to your customers, seriously, don’t do that. But, it works to your benefit to include varying information aside from the main message in each correspondence. For instance, let’s revisit the Legacybox email from earlier. After I saw the 50% off promotion, I scrolled down and found a list of some of their other offerings that I didn’t even know they had. As luck would have it, I’m looking for someone to convert old video footage into digital copies – perfect timing!


examples of effective email marketing campaigns multiple

The House Ride Shop took advantage of my opening their mid-summer clearance sale email to also tease their 2019 winter gear. This section of the email had nothing to do with the primary objective, which was to alert me of a current summertime sale, but it’s still a welcomed bit of information and brought me back to their website, now months later, for snowboarding goggles I saw during the winter preview.

examples of effective email marketing campaigns multiple2

As you can see, popular brands are starting to move toward a more modern and relaxed feel when it comes to their email marketing campaigns. Which is great news! No more stuffy email marketing collateral and another opportunity to showcase your brand’s unique personality.


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