• Examples of Effective Calls to Action

If only revenue were generated simply from customers opening emails or visiting websites alone. We’d all be running multimillion dollar businesses if that were the case. But, low and behold, running a business and actually turning a profit isn’t that easy. The trick is maximizing the contact you have with your customers and converting that contact into customers and sales. How do you do that? Through an effective call-to-action or CTA.

Examples of Effective Calls to Action

When starting your small business you should have put together some sort of a marketing plan which incorporated multiple tactics to reach your target market, right? Having well defined business objectives and goals ultimately will be a guide for you in this next step, which is creating compelling call to action statements directing your customers toward helping you reach those goals.

No matter which method of marketing you’re using, there are standout tactics in the Call to Action realm that you should be familiar with that will help you gain more customers. If not, you’ve come to the right place!

Best Call to Action Phrases

Building a quality CTA doesn’t need to be a guessing game. There are a few simple rules to follow:

  1. Use short, action words: Sign Up, Download Now, Start Today
  2. Benefit: CTA should have an obvious benefit for the customer or client
  3. Size matters: CTA should be big enough to standout, but not so large it’s distracting
  4. Page placement: Place the CTA “above the fold” on the page so that it’s obvious and easy to see or after providing enough information for someone to take action

Call to Action on a Website

It’s easy to forget about including a call to action somewhere on your website because generally we see our site as a validation point for our customers. You’re missing a huge opportunity here especially for capturing new clients.
But, where do you start? There’s a fine line between clearly demonstrating value and feeling like a used sleazy salesperson.

The best call to action phrases on a website should distinctly explain the benefits of the offer to the customer, request only one specific action, be in the right location on your site and be eye-catching. This is a sure fire way to get you out of the pushy salesperson zone and funneling quality leads into your funnel.

Quick example: Currently on the ThriveHive’s homepage there is a simple CTA offering a demonstration of the ThriveHive platform. Let’s break it down for you.

best call to action phrases

  1. Use short, action words: “Get a Demo” is an obvious call-to-action
  2. Benefit: The CTA explains that a Demo will show you how ThriveHive can help grow yoru business
  3. Size matters: CTA button is clearly visible floating below the text box and in an eye-catching color
  4. Page placement: While there’s a CTA at the top of the website too, this call-to-action does not appear until the customer benefits have been clearly stated

Call to Action in Email

Incorporating a call to action in your email campaigns can be wonderfully effective. Assuming you’ve cracked the code when it comes to creating enticing email subject lines. If you have a steady open rate (20%-40%), your next challenge will be to get those click through rates on the rise.

The purpose of a call-to-action in emails is to clearly communicate the benefit to the customer. Here’s a recent example of an email with an effective call to action. The reader who opens this email is very likely to sign up for a free pair of exercise pants with a $49.5 purchase. This type of CTA is what turns passing customers into loyal ones and drives up sales.
best call to action phrases

So, why was this campaign so successful? Aside from an email subject line that read: “Final Hours: Celebrate Kate’s Bday with Free Salar Capris” the email itself was effective.

  1. Use short, action words: “Shop Now” is an obvious call-to-action
  2. Benefit: It’s clear from the CTA that a purchase over a certain amount will qualify the purchaser for free yoga pants. This also happens to be their bestselling workout pant. They’re not just giving away sweatbands. Lesson here? If you’re offering a giveaway, make sure the customer feels they’re truly receiving something of value.
  3. Size matters: CTA button is clearly visible floating below the text box and in an eye-catching color
  4. Page placement: The CTA is visible in the photo in the email and not too far down on the page.

Call to action buttons are perfect for campaigns like this where your end goal is not to capture information but to engage the customer in a sale or offer information like downloadable content.

Call to Action on Landing Pagesexamples of call to action

Another prime spot to place a CTA is on a landing page. This is where you’d want to place a call to action with the intent of capturing lead information.

In this case, a potential customer would be required to provide contact information in exchange for the free offer. This method is exceptionally handy in helping to build an emailing list.

Call to actions are simple enough to implement and can be rolled out in a multitude of ways. Remember, try running several at a time! To get more customers and grow your business, you should have a call to action on your website aimed at capturing lead info while simultaneously running an email campaign to generate more leads and sales.

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