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Instagram advertising provides businesses with the opportunity to reach large volumes of people within their target audience, in a place where they are spending their time and engaging with brands. Instagram ads can come in the form of a single image, a carousel (multiple images that the user can swipe through), or videos. In this post we go over real examples of Instagram ads using either a single image or the carousel feature. Read on to view 12 ads and compare them in terms of image type, call to action, caption, and brand messaging.

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Examples of instagram ads

Examples of Instagram Single Image Ads

1. ThriveHive

Type: Graphic

Call to Action: Learn More

Caption: “Marketing Without a Budget – Grow your business with this free downloadable guide!”

Why not start with one of our own ads? This is an ad we run on Instagram for our eBook Marketing Without a Budget. It’s a simple graphic containing the cover of the eBook. While it may not be as extravagant as an actual photo, it does have a way of standing out among posts that are typically actual photos. Our call to action button is to learn more, and our caption informs users that this is a free downloadable guide, so they know exactly what to expect if they tap.

examples of instagram ads

2. Purple Carrot

Type: Photo with text

Call to Action: Learn More

Caption:  “‘Everyone would eat this if they knew how good it was’ – Laurel, switched to plant-based at 60.”

We like this Instagram ad example because it uses a high-quality image with vibrant colors and their logo at the bottom for branding. They also include text to emphasize their messaging of being plant-based but still delicious. Finally, their caption is a customer testimonial that also indicates to users that it’s never too late to switch.


examples of instagram ads

3. MM. LaFleur

Type: Photo

Call to Action: Shop Now

Caption: An excerpt from an interview with CEO and co-founder Sarah LeFleur.

MM. LaFleur’s Instagram ad photo doesn’t offer much information. Unless you can recognize Sarah’s face, it might be hard to tell what the ad is about. However, the “Shop Now call to action” and the long caption below indicate to the user that this is a women’s professional clothing company. Another interesting aspect about this ad is that the caption is an excerpt from a longer piece—an interview with Fast Company—which you are encouraged to check out.

examples of instagram ads

4. Tawkify

Type: Photo with text

Call to Action: Learn More

Caption: “True love shouldn’t be at the tap of an app.”

This Instagram ad is another example of short, sweet, and simple. Tawkify differentiates itself from its competitors by emphasizing the importance of in-person meeting. The image they use contains earthy tones and a clean design.

examples of instagram ads

5. Yelp

Type: Rotating image

CTA: Download

Caption: “On the go? Download the FREE Yelp app to find local favorites you never knew existed.”

This Yelp Instagram ad entices you with rotating images of mouth watering dishes. Their caption emphasizes that their app is free, and leverages the fear of missing out in their messaging.


examples of instagram ads


Type: Photo with text

Call to Action: Learn More

Caption: “Take your accounting career to the next level. Earn an online master’s in accounting at SNHU, a nonprofit institution. Classes start 9/4.”

SNHU’s Instagram ad combines elements mentioned above such as vibrant colors, a text overlay, and supporting details in their caption. Most importantly, they start off immediately with what you’ll get out of their program—a master’s in accounting and a career boost.


examples of instagram ads

7. uBiome

Type: Photo

Call to Action: Learn More

Caption: Quick blurb on their product

uBiome, like MM. Lafleur uses a longer caption for their Instagram ad. While MM. Lafleur focused more on their brand messaging int heir caption, uBiome utilizes the space for a product description, complete with features and benefits.  They also further reduce uncertainty by showing you exactly what the product looks like.


examples of instagram ads ubiome

Examples of Instagram Carousel Ads

8. Audible

Type: Multiple graphics

Call to Action: Learn More

Caption: “Life changing listens from Audible! Insightful audiobooks on conquering anxiety and overthinking. Try Audible with a FREE audiobook of your choice!”

Audible’s Instagram ads are a great example of advanced targeting. Prior to browsing through my feed for ad examples, I happened to be looking up books on meditation for stress reduction, which I think is why these book recommendations showed up on my feed. Audible creates an engaging caption with words like “life changing listens” and “FREE.” By showcasing four books, they also give the user a few options to choose from without overwhelming them.

examples of instagram ads

9. Gusto

Type: Multiple photos of app in use

Call to Action: Learn More

Caption: Varies, but each contains a user stat, a question, followed by “Try Gusto. Refreshingly easy. Built for small business.”

Gusto’s multiple photo ad offers a great Instagram ad example. Rather than simply showing screenshots of their app, they show users actually using the app. This gives you a glimpse of what the app looks like and also allows you to envision using the app yourself. In addition, their Instagram captions are engaging. They contain statistics that indicate the value of the app to users, and emphasize that it is “refreshingly easy” and “built for small business.”

examples of instagram ads

10. Startup Institute

Type: Multiple photos

Call to Action: Apply Now

Caption: “Startup Institute’s beginner classes in Boston meet once a week, and help you learn the basics from experts in your local startup community. Browse our intro classes below.”

The Startup Institute uses real photos from their classes in their Instagram ads, and has a different image and caption for each of the four program tracks they offer.  One noteworthy characteristic about this ad is that they add additional details about the program to give you more insight before you tap on their call to action “Apply Now” — including the beginner level, the frequency of meeting, and the value you get from their course.

examples of instagram ads

11. TalkSpace

Type: Graphic with text

Call to Action: Install Now

Caption: Varies for each image, but offers a benefit or feature, followed by “Get matched with your very own licensed therapist online who you can privately message for help with career, family or relationship issues anytime & anywhere!”

The Talkspace Instagram ads use friendly illustrations and speech bubbles in their first two images to emphasize their value of being mobile and convenient therapy. You may also notice that their two images, when placed together, create one complete picture—very clever! Their remaining two images use simple graphics and text to convey immediate information and highlight particular features of the app.  While the images focus on features, the caption includes the overall benefit of Talkspace, which is that of getting help with various areas of your life, anytime and anywhere.


examples of instagram ads

12. Volkswagon

Type: Photos with text

Call to Action: Learn More

Caption: “Great deals are worth waiting for. Okay, that’s enough waiting.”

Volkswagon takes advantage of the multiple image ad to showcase the various 2017 models they have on sale. What cannot be seen in these screenshots is the animation of the car entering and then exiting the screen. While they provide a lot of text in their ads, they keep the image simple with one subject (a car) and a solid but bright and eye-catching background color.

The caption in the Volkswagon Instagram ad is not focused on providing additional information, but rather on adding some personality to their brand.


examples of instagram adsexamples of instagram ads

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