• Marketing Tool of the Week: Yesware

There is no shortage of companies asking small businesses to shell out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to promote themselves. But if you’re like most small business owners, you could really use some free tools to jumpstart your marketing. That’s why we’ve begun a weekly blog series featuring free tools for small business owners to help you with your various marketing needs.

Ever wonder if anyone actually reads your emails or if you can make your email blasts better? One way to increase your email open rate is to create catchy and effective email subject lines. But if you want to find out how many people are actually opening and reading your emails, you need something more.

yesware marketing tool

If you don’t have an integrated marketing platform with email analytics like ThriveHive, then you probably don’t have access to email analytics. So, how do you find out what happens to your email after you click send? Yesware can answer that!

What is yesware_logo?

Yesware is an email productivity platform that helps salespeople work more effectively, right from their inbox. It’s an easy-to-use email extension that tracks and analyzes your email communications. With Yesware you can find out who is opening, reading, and clicking through your emails. Yesware integrates easily with Gmail or Outlook and Salesforce.

Who uses Yesware?

You can try Yesware out for free for your first 100 emails. After the free trial, there are different pricing tiers, making Yesware a solution for everyone from a single business owner to a large company.

Yesware has the capability to be integrated with Salesforce and Google Calendar to increase productivity. Premium features in the paid versions include options like attachment tracking and access to The Deal Room, where you can get exclusive discounts from Yesware collaborative companies, like ThriveHive.

Yesware Offer Tile

Yesware is offering a 2 FREE months of their Enterprise level for ThriveHive customers (available for new groups/users only) – click here for more information!

Does Yesware work?

Yesware users rave about it, claiming increased efficiency of their email conversations with their own sales leads. Sales teams use Yesware to share their top performing email templates to get more of everyone’s emails opened. Find out who opened your emails, follow up, and increase your sales! Stop sitting around waiting for customers to email you back – check out Yesware.

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