• In Email Marketing, Subject Lines are Everything


So you’ve got a great offer, exciting news to share, but how do you get people to open up your email?

When it comes to email marketing, subject lines are everything.

The subject line is the first thing people see – it’s your make-or-break moment to catch their attention and push them to click through to read more. Too boring and they’ll skim right over it. Too jazzy and it could go right to spam.

What makes an email worth opening?

  • Clear Value
  • Humor
  • Shock factor / Intrigue

These days, a person’s email inbox is jam-packed with sales messages, personal communications, and everything else. And if your recipients are using Gmail, chances are your emails are falling in their “Promotions” tab along with every other business’ messages.

So how do you get noticed among the masses? Surprise email recipients with something different or intrigue them with a teaser they just have to learn more about. Create an offer they can’t refuse with a well-crafted email subject line.

Here are some tips and tricks to nailing your email subject line:

  • Be obvious — Give the goods up front. What’s inside the email? Put your company name and show that there’s clear value in clicking through with a simple, obvious label
  • Use numbers — Lists and numbers are attractive. In a headline, they promise quick and easy-to-digest content people are comfortable with
  • Be funny — Try out puns, a play on words, or other humor (that’s easily understood) to turn a chuckle into a click
  • Stand out visually — Use characters that don’t normally appear in subject lines. Try punctuation, question marks, percent signs, and other symbols that catch the eye
  • Get personal — Target your emails at a specific audience with locally-focused and personally relevant subjects
  • Be quick — Keep it short! People are busy, inboxes get skimmed over, and subject lines get cut off. Quick and to-the-point is almost always a safer bet

What’s your email first impression? Make a statement with subject lines that stick.

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