• How to Effectively Reach Your Target Customers

How to Effectively Reach Your Target Customers (1)

You can market until you’re blue in the face, but if you aren’t trying to appeal directly to your target audience, you are likely wasting your time. Instead of grabbing the attention of the people you actually want to reach, you’ll just be bothering readers who don’t need or want your products or services. Don’t waste any more of your (or your audience’s) time. Use the guidelines below to ensure that you are reaching the people who matter.

How to Effectively Reach Your Target Customers

7 Strategies to Build Your Appeal to Customers

Personalize Your Messaging

When you read a message, whether it is an advertisement, an email, or a letter, you want to feel like it is directed at you personally. You don’t want to suspect that the same message is going out to thousands or millions of other people. That just makes you feel more like a number than a person.

You definitely don’t want your potential customers to feel that way. To avoid this, you should try to send as specific and personal a message as possible. Sometimes that means using their actual name in an email, assuming you have that information.

Even if you don’t, though, you can personalize your content by segmenting your email list. On your website, you can customize which pop-up offers or the lead magnets you offer depending on the content the visitor is currently viewing. That way, you’ll provide more value by appealing directly to their current needs.

Spend Time with Your Audience

In order to know what each of those individuals wants and needs from you, you’ll need to spend some time with them, learning what their pain points are and how you can help. While you might not be able to devote lots of time to in-person meetings or conferences, you can typically find your potential customers online.

Find out what social media outlets are most popular with the crowd you want to attract. Then interact with them to learn more about how your business can serve them.

This is also an excellent opportunity to learn their language. You’ll discover how they refer to problems and what shared lingo exists in the group. By incorporating this language into your messaging, the audience will feel that you are speaking directly to them. That builds trust and leads to more conversions.

Stay up to Date on Trends

You don’t have to chase every new shiny object that comes along your (or your customer’s) path. You should, however, have a solid understanding of changing dynamics in your industry. Customers’ demands and expectations evolve over time, and you want to be aware of those trends.

An obvious example would be a hair salon or interior decorator. Customers expect them to be current on what is popular and what has faded out of style. The same principle applies in many service- and product-based businesses. You will want to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry to understand what your audience demands.

Poll Your Audience for Feedback

One simple and effective way to stay up to date with your potential customers’ needs is to incorporate regular polling into your marketing campaigns. This allows you to reach out to clients, or potential clients, to better understand your role.

You can find out where you might have gaps in your services or what issues your products might be failing to solve. You will also learn what you are doing really well, and you can then use that information to highlight what sets you apart from your competition.

A great way to encourage feedback is to offer coupons or gift cards in exchange for their participation. This will help make current clients even more loyal, and it can help potential clients feel like you really care about their opinions (which can lead to higher conversions).

Use Multiple Channels

If you want to learn what your audience needs, and you want to communicate with them in an effective way, you’ll want to take advantage of multiple media outlets. When you reach out to your target audience through just one channel, it increases the likelihood that your message will blend in with all the other marketing competing for your audience’s attention.

Instead, you can employ different channels to keep you and your business top of mind. Explore how you can use social media, email, digital advertising, and more traditional marketing to get your message in front of your audience in a variety of ways.

Monitor Your Reputation

Most of us aren’t in business for the likes. We don’t put in hours on end of hard work just because we want people to say nice things about us. However, that doesn’t mean you should simply ignore reviews and other forms of feedback.

By keeping an eye on your reputation, you can learn a great deal about how customers feel after interacting with your company. While it might sting a little, a negative review can help you better understand what is missing from your services or product. Or, it can be an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with a client if you truly seek out a solution to their complaint.

This information should ultimately make its way into your marketing as well. You have a better chance of reaching your target audience if you have a thorough understanding of what your current customers think and believe about you.

Monitor Your Competitors’ Reputation

While you want to keep your focus on your own company and what you are doing well (or need to improve), it is also useful to have a sense of what people think about your competition. What do they praise? What do they complain about?

Knowing this information can give you a direct line into the thoughts of potential clients. You can use it as an opportunity to show how your company is unique. If competitors offer cheap prices but skimp on customer service, you can highlight your commitment to value and placing your clients first.

Our free app, Perch by ThriveHive, enables you to monitor both your company’s and your competitors’ social media activity. Download it free for iOS here.

By combining a few of these ideas, you can really start to understand your audience and what they need to hear from you. The less mystery there is surrounding your potential customers, the more likely that you will be able to build a relationship with them and ultimately convert them to current customers.

A good business reputation is the best way to appeal to your target audience. Use our free eBook below to learn how to put your business’s best foot forward.


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