• 20 Effective Ways to Increase Awareness of Your Brand

Ways to Increase Awareness of Your Brand

Whether you already sizeable audience or not, two things remain true: There are always more potential customers out there, and there’s always room to increase the reach of your business. In this post, we’ll go over how to expand your reach and create more opportunities for lasting relationships by boosting awareness of your brand.

Ways to Increase Awareness of Your BrandWays to Increase Awareness of Your Small Business Brand

There are many businesses out there that do the same thing as yours. The way to differentiate yourself from competitors and stand out to customers is through your brand. Your brand is what makes you unique. So how do you increase awareness of your brand, and not just your products and services? There are at least 20 things you can do. We’ll break them up into two groups: direct and indirect ways to reach fresh leads. Using a mix of the tips below will yield the best results.

Reach New Leads Directly

How can you get on the radars of new leads directly without going through current customers or other means? Consider 10 ways.

1. Partner With Influencers

Search for influencers and authorities whose expertise complements your business. Determine what value you can offer to them in exchange for exposure to their loyal following. When a mutually beneficial agreement is in place, your credibility is improved and brand awareness increased.

2. Form Local Partnerships

Could you sponsor a local sports team? Could you team up with a local related but non-competitive business to hold a seminar? Could you each promote one another’s products or services? If there’s an opportunity for a beneficial partnership that can help get your name out there, don’t pass it up!

3. Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The end goal of SEO is higher placement of your website and site pages in search results. Prominent placement on the first page of search engine results pages means higher visibility and more traffic to your site. In other words, more brand awareness.

SEO is quite a complex practice, though, so it’s best to consult or enlist a professional to help you optimize effectively.

4. Start Blogging

Blogging regularly and according to SEO best practices is an excellent way to increase your company’s visibility in search engine results pages. Dishing out informative content consistently, as opposed to purely promotional content, will help to attract people who aren’t yet familiar with your business.

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5. Become a Guest Poster

There are probably some reputable blogs within your industry that allow guest posters to submit articles. Perhaps your connections might even allow you to do a guest post on their blogs. Taking opportunities to guest post will demonstrate your authority and expertise, and also get your name in front of untapped audiences.

6. Run Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

PPC ads often appear at the very top of search results. This is where searchers are most likely to focus after typing in a query. By targeting your ads to the type of consumer you’re looking, you can increase the chances that searchers will notice your ad and take action to find out more.

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7. Try Paid Social Ads

Millions of people are active on social media daily, even checking several times per day. It only makes sense that paid social media ads are an effective way to boost awareness of your brand. Especially if you use the built-in targeting features that many social networks now offer, potential customers will inevitably be shown your ad at some point.

8. Host a Podcast

Whether you want to give helpful information, interview industry experts, or discuss current trends, starting a podcast can be a great way to gain exposure. Hosting your podcast on a hosting platform will make it easier for people to find you through search, topic categories, and so on.

9. Host an Event

There’s no limit to what you can do with event marketing. There are festivals, charity events, demos, workshops, webinars, sales, and more. While people can always visit your store or website, it’s not every day that you host a special event. This sense of urgency along with thorough advertising can get draw in those who previously knew nothing about you or what you do.

10. Don’t Discount Public Relations

Got big news? Make sure to communicate to the general public. You could do an interview at your local radio station, make an announcement in your local newspaper or even do an official press release. There are many ways to get press for your business.

Reach New Leads Indirectly

Below you’ll find 10 ways to reach more people using current customers or those who are already aware of your business.

1. Make Exceptional Service Your Trademark

Are you known for excellence? If so, you have an invaluable resource waiting to be tapped into— happy customers that could easily become brand advocates.

Find ways to encourage advocacy. Positive comments from your most satisfied supporters can reel in people who otherwise may not have known about your business.

2. Bring Your Story to Life

While many businesses have some variation of the “About Us” element, not all of them are making the most of their backstories. Some have stories that come across as merely a list of facts or a timeline. Others tell their stories well but confine them to just one page on their site.

What should you do differently? Aim to appeal to people’s emotions rather than only to logic. Then highlight your story by weaving it into every aspect of your brand. People will then be able to connect to—and remember—your brand more easily. They’ll also be inclined to share your story with others who’ll connect with it as well.

3. Use Your Logo Often

Making your logo work for you has more than one benefit. Of course, it ensures that people who are currently aware of your business don’t forget about it. Yet, it’s also a way to advertise your business to others without any additional work.

Where can you use it?

  • In your email signature
  • In all of your marketing materials
  • On your website
  • On your signage
  • Company swag and gifts
  • Almost anywhere else!

If it can be shared with or seen by others, your logo should probably be on it.

4. Develop a Social Media Presence

Regularly post valuable, interesting content and round out all posts with appropriate hashtags. This will increase the visibility of your accounts and attract people that are interested in what you do.

Also, tag influencers and other businesses whenever possible. This may open the way for social conversations or even partnerships that will attract attention to your business.

5. Use Social Sharing Buttons at the Point of Sale

Do you have a “thank you” page or email for new customers? Include social sharing buttons. Since the point of sale is when customers are most excited, this is a great time to nudge them into sharing that enthusiasm on social media. This may get your brand in front of people with similar interests (aka potential customers).

6. Create Value-Packed Infographics

Infographics are powerful for two reasons. First, in this fast-paced age, text is no longer the preference of most people. Second, imagery often has a stronger pull and impact than text alone.

By creating infographics, you can impart valuable information to your audience. They, in turn, may wish to share your infographics with others who could benefit as they did.

7. Do Email Marketing

Do you have an email list? If so, keep in mind that not all of your emails should be sales-oriented. You should be regularly sending out helpful, informational emails as well. These types of emails are centered solely on providing value to readers and, therefore, are more likely to be forwarded to others who could benefit.

8. Make Personalization a Priority

By personalizing the experience you offer as much as possible, you show that you value each individual prospect and customer. The more appreciated people feel, the more likely they’ll be to spread the word about your business.

What kinds of things can you personalize? You can address each person by name in your emails, meet various preferences and needs using dynamic website personalization, and switch up templated, generic support responses.

9. Start a Referral Program

Come up with desirable incentives for your current customers in exchange for recommending you to friends, family, and professional connections. Not only may they recommend you, they may also suggest that others join your referral program!

10. Create Urgency With Freebies, Discounts, Samples

Who doesn’t love freebies, discounts, and samples?! Offering these for a limited time can trigger word-of-mouth marketing, as your current audience shouts about your latest offers to their connections.

You have plenty of ideas. Now what? It’s time to think seriously about which methods of increasing brand awareness will work best for your company in particular. Choose wisely and you’ll see excellent results in time.

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