• Checklist for an Effective Facebook Business Page

Checklist for an Effective Facebook Business Page (1)

Facebook is a popular social network where consumers and prospective customers are actively engaged. When they come across your business, they might be looking for more information. It’s important that you pay attention to what customers can or cannot learn about you via your Facebook page. With that being said, we have a checklist of items for your Facebook Business Page— to check off but to check in on regularly from time to time as your business changes and grows.

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Checklist for an Effective Facebook Business Page (1)

Checklist for an Effective Facebook Business Page

Contact Info

Your contact info can be found in the About section on the left-hand side of your Facebook page under your profile photo. Just tap About to check on your contact info. Customers should be able to find what they’re looking for here: Your street address, your business hours, a contact phone number, email address, and a website, to reach you. Follow the same list optimization best practices for your Facebook contact info as you would for any other online listing.


The categories you list for your business help you show up in Facebook business searches and are also indexed by Google. So, including your business categories on Facebook will help you show up in customer search results for businesses like yours. Facebook lets you add three categories. The more categories you use, the more often your business can be found. You can use up to 3 categories that most accurately fit your business.

Here’s how to change the business categories for your Facebook page:

  • Sign in as the Facebook Page Admin.
  • Click About on the left side of your Facebook Page.
  • Below General, click Edit next to Category.
  • Type in a category. You’ll have to select an option from the dropdown list that appears.
  • You can set up to 3 categories.

You can change your categories as often as you like. If you don’t see a category that describes your Page, Facebook recommends choosing the closest available option.

Business Description

When consumers visit your Facebook page, they are looking to learn a little more about your business. Be sure to include a business description in your About section on Facebook. Let customers know what’s interesting and unique about your business. This helps consumers decide whether or not they want to pick your business.

Call to Action

Facebook offers a call to action button that can be customized for your business. This is one easy and effective way to help you turn online visitors into customers. For example, ask customers to “Call Now”, “Learn More”, “Make an Appointment”, etc. to make it easy for customers to get in touch with you. Check to see if you are including a call to action on your Facebook page, and if your call to action provides a clear path that makes the most sense for your customers.


When you use Facebook Messenger, your customers can get in touch with you privately rather than posting a public message to your page. It’s a great way to let customers and prospective customers ask you questions, and it’s a powerful tool to build customer trust and rapport. You should consider customizing your greeting and responses to set expectations about your response time.

Customer Posts

Allowing customer posts on your Facebook page is another way to let customers connect with you. It shows customers that you welcome and listen to their comments and feedback. It also signals that you are approachable and easy to reach. Check your page and allow customer posts if you are not doing so already.


Customer reviews on Facebook show credibility for your business and help customers feel confident in choosing you. Also, did you know customer reviews show up in Google when customers search for businesses like yours? Be sure that you are allowing reviews on your Facebook page and checking them frequently. “Like” your good reviews and always respond to negative ones. Ask customers to leave reviews if you have not gotten a new review in the past 4 to 5 weeks.


How well do the images on your Facebook page represent your business? Take some time to scroll through your photos and ensure that they reflect the personality and uniqueness of your business. Don’t forget to include photos that highlight your happy customers, showcase your products and services, introduce your friendly staff, and positively capture the atmosphere.

Business Logo

Customers should be able to recognize your Facebook page via your business logo. Make sure that your business logo has been uploaded via your profile photo. When your business logo is consistent across your presence online, it’s quick and easy for customers to identify your business and your various online pages.


Events invite customers back into your business and also generate powerful word-of-mouth marketing with every RSVP. Check the events on your Facebook page and add upcoming events. It’s easy to forget making these updates. For more help with creating and promoting a Facebook event, check out the following posts:


Facebook check-ins are a very powerful way to get free exposure for your business. Every time a customer checks in at your business on Facebook, the activity is visible to their friends. Plus, check-ins are a good sign that you’re running a popular business. To enable check-ins to your business, you need to add your locationHere’s how to turn this feature on for your small business:

  • Sign into Facebook as the Page Admin.
  • Click About on the left side of your Page.
  • Click Edit Page Info in the upper right hand corner.
  • Click to edit the Address section, add your address, and click Save Changes.
  • After saving your changes, a map will appear in the Address section when you click to edit it.
  • Click to edit the Address section again.
  • Below the map, click to check the box next to Show map and check-ins on the Page.
  • Click Save Changes.

You can turn check-ins off at any time. To turn check-ins at your business Page off:

  • Click About on the left side of your Page.
  • Click Edit Page Info in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Below the map, click to uncheck the box next to Show map and check-ins on the Page.
  • Click Save Changes.

If you aren’t able to allow check-ins, you may need to change the category you have selected for your Facebook Page. If a map doesn’t appear, try to enter your address again and make a selection from the dropdown list that appears when you enter a City/Town.


There are many apps that help you capture more business and leads right in Facebook. If you are using apps, check these from time to time to ensure they are still set up and working correctly.


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