• The Dos and Don’ts of Vine For a Business


Vine is the latest trend in social media. Vine is a free mobile app owned by Twitter that enables users to record and share six-second looping videos. With over 40 million users within the first 8 months it’s clearly here to stay.    

Why is Vine an important marketing tool for a business? Because a fun, creative six second video caters to the short attention spans people experience in the digital space today. According to the latest statistics, we have an attention span of just 8 seconds. Mere seconds to catch your viewer’s attention. 

But think about it – a lot can happen in six seconds. You can text a friend, post a status to Facebook, or do a handstand. Marketing experts have shown that you can also create a lasting impression of your business within six seconds.

Many companies today are using Vine to show how they work, advertise products and services, share company culture….. Here are a  few tips for your business on the Dos and Don’t of using Vine as a marketing technique:

The Do’s 

  • Give followers a Sneak Peak of upcoming products, events, etc.
  • Demonstrate features of products or how-to’s
  • Be relatable, show your personality
  • Have fun with it! Be creative
  • Introduce people to your company

The Don’ts

  • Overpost – put time and effort into fewer, better videos
  • Use it “Just Because” – have a strategy
  • Reuse Old Content – think fresh!
  • Try to fit too much into it – keep it simple
  • Don’t forget to define the vines purpose

Take these tips and guidelines and get started using Vine for your business today!

Need inspiration? Check out a few great companies that are killing it on Vine:

Urban Outfitters

The Vines Urban Outfitters creates are directly related to the culture of the brand, while featuring their products in a fun way. They focus mainly on their fans, events, and music. To keep their videos interesting they use a variety of filming techniques and make sure each vine has a central theme (shoes, emergency makeup supplies, DIY sparkle jars, etc.)

Pepsi NEXT

Since Pepsi NEXT is such a huge corporation, they don’t really need to sell people on their products. They take a somewhat different approach with thei Vines by using an indirect form of marketing. They do silly things in honor of holidays, give sneak peeks of their products, and so on as a way to engage their consumers and humanize their brand.


Dove uses its Vine videos to promote their events and showcase their products and product missions. Dove finds creative ways to market their products and draw consumers in.

Lucky Magazine

Lucky Magazine engages its viewers by using elements of suspense and anticipation. They use Vine to feature products, themes, and editors from the magazine in creative ways; they also show how to use some products and make suggestions regarding style and fashion.

Used correctly, Vine can be a great marketing tool to attract new audiences and generate attention. Remember, six seconds is all you need!

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