• Does My Business Need Social Media?

Does My Business Need Social Media?

We use the internet for everything from birthday invitations, to TV, to taxes, grocery shopping, and more. Social media, in particular, is one online channel that consumers are relying on more and more heavily throughout their daily lives. We must find our way as information travels faster and farther, and therefore, yes, your business does need social media.

Does My Business Need Social Media?Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Brands can grow like wildfire if they use social media effectively to improve their online presence and build their online reputation. Keeping up with your audience on social media can mean the difference between a brand that’s remembered and one that is not. 

Your Business Reputation Needs Social Media

Think of social media as a stage or a television. It provides a variety of ways to represent your brand’s image to the public. With the various types of content social media supports, you can use it to:

  • Share customer success stories
  • Promote great deals or discounts
  • Announce company milestones and achievements
  • Share a perspective from inside your business and the people who make it all happen
  • Advertise with a video

…and the list goes on. When you use social media to express multiple facets of your business in a variety of different ways, you build a strong reputation with potential customers, as you provide them with a broader look into your company and more reason to trust your business.

Your Audience Needs Your Business to Be on Social Media 

Online culture is rooted in connective media. Although there are vast audiences of users, these platforms are being used to connect local community members just as much as to create global connections. Due to the connective nature of social media, your potential customers are more accessible now than ever before. They use social media to make decisions every single day, and offering yourself as a trusted resource on social media is a surefire way to build your relationships with current, potential, and never-before-reached customers.

Social Media Creates a Dialogue with Your Audience

Your business needs social media because it opens up a dialogue with your audience, not just a one-way conversation. On social media you can address praise, answer questions, mitigate concerns, or just chat in real time. It’s a two-way street.

You Need Social Media for Market Research

The more you interact with your audience in this conversational manner, the more you can learn about your community and better serve their needs. Also, you give your audience the opportunity to learn more about you. People love to see that brands actually care about what they are thinking. When you prioritize their perspective, you build trust and provide outstanding customer service.

You Need Social Media to Know What Your Audience is Saying About You

Actively engaging on social media helps you to stay connected with your audience, and is a built-in form of monitoring your online reputation. This enables you to catch good and bad hearsay about your company and to respond accordingly. Rather than guessing or assuming how people feel about your business, you have their raw opinions right in front of you on social media.

Social Media is a Real-Time Tool

Monitoring your reputation is about staying aware of how others are perceiving your business. Managing your reputation is about responding accordingly to the manifestation of those perceptions. Responding is crucial for reputation management. It is a digital marketing best practice to respond to any and all comments about your business—good or bad. 

That being said, you need social media because it’s a way for you to quickly detect, and quickly respond to negative (or even positive) feedback, that can directly impact the fate of your business.

Responding to negative reviews or comments can help you to resolve miscommunications and show the public your human side. Responding to positive interactions garners more positive traction and attention. Share what your followers share with you. Retweet and regram your positive mentions. Managing your business reputation through social media is a great way to make your community a vital aspect of your business, which they will appreciate

You Need Social Media to Measure Your Success

Built-in analytics capabilities on social media platforms can offer many insights into your business and your audience. You can see how many people scrolled over your post, clicked on it, shared it, and liked it, and more. This gives you the ability to accurately gauge what your audience is interested (and not interested) in, as well as how successfully you are meeting their needs. 

Social Media Strengthens Your Voice

“Voice” refers to the language, tone, and terminology your business uses. Your brand’s voice should always remain consistent.

Your brand voice makes you identifiable and helps to reinforce your reputation. Speaking with people the way you would want to be spoken to is a surefire technique to connect on a personal level with potential customers. Remember, you want to stand out from your competitors, but you want to remain a part of your target audience. 

You need social media because it affords you multiple opportunities, every day, to express your voice and send your message to potential customers.

If You Want to Increase Your Visibility, You Need Social Media

The more interactions you create with your audience and potential customers online, the more visible your brand becomes. More visibility creates greater familiarity with your brand, or brand awareness.

Brand awareness and reputation building go hand in hand. The more familiar people are with your business and its reputation, the more they can spread accurate word about it.

Your Customers Need Social Media to Market for You

Your fans and followers can also be active marketers for your business. Social media gives them the means why which they consume information that enhances their affinity to your business, and also the tools by which they can spread the word about your business. 

Social media isn’t just an added bonus anymore. Your business needs it if it wants to establish strong relationships, build a strong reputation, ad attract more customers.

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