• Does Facebook Advertising Work?

When promoting your business, you want to get in front of as many people as possible. With 1.4 billion users and more than 900 million daily users, Facebook is a great place to get more eyes on your business. While Facebook itself may be helpful, Facebook’s ad platform is an extremely effective way to advertise your business.

Why Facebook?

So there are a lot of people on Facebook. There are also a lot of people on Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Amazon. So why Facebook? People go on Facebook to get news, read stories, and see pictures of people and things that interest them. When you reach people on Facebook, you’re reaching them in a comfortable, enjoyable, and minimally stressful environment, making them more open and receptive to your advertising efforts.

In addition to simply providing a positive environment, the Facebook advertising platform makes sure that your ads further contribute to that positive environment. In fact, it has certain requirements for its ads, so that they do not disrupt the flow of the user’s experience. One of the best reasons to advertise on Facebook is that you are reaching people who are happy, receptive and engaged, so in terms of their experience interacting with you, you’re already at an advantage.

Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Why Advertise on Facebook?

Okay, so, there are more people on Facebook, and more engaged and receptive people on Facebook, but why advertise on Facebook? Why not just create a business page and post from there? A Facebook page is a great way to boost your online presence and engage with customers. However, your page is a destination that users have to go to, not something that just shows up in their feed.

Organic reach for Facebook business pages is extremely low (2.6%), so even if you have followers, you’re only reaching a fraction of them by posting to your business’s Facebook page. Furthermore, the only way you will show up in a user’s feed is if they like your page and then adjust their settings to receive notifications.

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Facebook ads, on the other hand, are placed right in front of users and enable you to successfully reach your audience. Facebook ads put your promotions in users’ newsfeeds and in the front of their mind. With targeting options, your ads will be shown to the people most likely to become customers. This is one of the biggest reasons to advertise on Facebook. With the ability to target a highly specific audience, you can cater your content according to each audience, further increasing your ads’ effectiveness.

Attracting customers is not just about reaching the most people, it’s about reaching the right people, in the right way, at the right time. Why advertise on Facebook? Because Facebook advertising offers a level of targeting unmatched by any other online advertising platform.

Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Okay, so, you’ll get more of the right people to see and engage with your ads, but do Facebook ads work? Do they actually equate to business success? Does Facebook really match your ads to the people most likely to click them? The answer to both of these questions is yes.

Facebook is a business too, and it wants to ensure that its platform continues to deliver a positive experience to its users. If its ads are disruptive, distracting, or detract in any way from the Facebook experience, it risks losing favor in the eyes of its users. Facebook wants your ads to succeed just as much as you do, so it focuses its algorithms on creating the best matches for its ads and viewers.

Not only is Facebook working hard to make sure your ads are as successful as possible, Facebook advertising works by driving growth in your business. The Facebook advertising platform guides you in designing the most successful ads according to specific objectives, enabling you to tightly align your efforts to your business goals. The Facebook advertising platform also allows you to track the performance and results of each ad, so that you can measure the return on your investment (ROI) and determine how to further improve your ads.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Whether you’re a software solution, a traveling service, a brick and mortar shop, or have an online store, there are many benefits of Facebook advertising. With the various kinds of Facebook ads out there and the multiple objectives to choose from, the benefits of Facebook ads can be very specific to your product or service or business goals; but there are some general Facebook advertising benefits. Below are four benefits of Facebook advertising that apply to businesses universally.

1. Increases Engagement With Your Business

A Facebook business page is a great way to provide various forms of information about your business in an easy to digest way. Your profile provides immediate answers on contact information and services, while your feed gives them a feel for your product, values, culture, and expertise – without even clicking on a single link.

Awareness is good, but sales are better, and engagement is what connects awareness to sales. One of the benefits of Facebook advertising is that it increases engagement with the content you’re putting out for your business. When you post a picture, a blog post link, or a status update on your Facebook page, users have the opportunity to engage with that post, whether by liking, sharing, or commenting on them.

However, over time, these posts get buried under more timely or relevant posts. Facebook advertising can take already successful posts and repost them later, in front of more people and in the most optimal conditions for engagement. Facebook advertising benefits your business because while increased shares, likes, or comments may not directly drive sales, it will increase your reach, expand your audience, and raise awareness.

2. Increases Page Likes

Another one of the benefits of Facebook ads is that you can get more likes to your Facebook business page. While post likes are a good for engagement and reach, page likes are good for credibility and market research. Facebook advertising allows you to get more likes to your page through Like Campaigns, whose ads link to your page or whose call-to-action (CTA) is literally “Like Page”.

This type of Facebook advertising benefits your business because the more people who like your page, the more you will be seen as trustworthy and credible. Also, when users see that their friends like your page, they are more likely to visit it and like it themselves. There are many additional people who will discover your page simply because one of their friends liked it.

Users who like and follow your page then become brand advocates as they like, comment on, and share your posts on their feed. Posts that include links to your website, such as with a blog articles, then provide more channels to your website.

The benefits of Facebook advertising in terms of business page likes and post engagement include increased brand awareness and following, which in turn boost your credibility and enable more discovery by new customers. The more people who know about and like your business page, the more you can leverage the Facebook community for marketing your business.

3. Increases Website Traffic

A good business website is an invaluable tool for demystifying your business and getting found by customers and search engines. A Facebook business page alone will drive traffic to your website, as it is full of blog posts and other content that links to your website.

Facebook advertising allows you to drive even more people to your website, through clicks to website ads. These ads either direct people to your Facebook page which can lead them to your website, or lead them directly there. Clicks to website ads are meant to get people to a specific page on your website, such as a product page, landing page, blog post page, etc. You can get existing customers to learn about a new product, get new customers to better understand an existing product, showcase your expertise on a topic to build trust, and more.

Your business needs a website because the more that people can learn about your products and services, the more likely they are to understand their value and utilize them. A Facebook business page can provide basic information quickly, but your website will answer the more specific questions that highly interested people will have in their journey to becoming a customer. Facebook advertising benefits your business because it not only drives more people directly to your website, it drives the right people who are looking for what you have to offer.

The benefits of Facebook advertising, with respect to driving traffic to your website, include increased awareness of your products and services, a greater online presence, and improved brand familiarity. In addition, more traffic to your website gives you greater domain authority, which will improve your rankings on search engine results pages.

4. Increases Website Conversions

Clicks to website Facebook ads are helpful in getting more people onto your site, to learn more about and familiarize themselves with you. However, you ultimately want people to be taking specific action on your site. One last benefit of Facebook advertising is that it allows you to guide people through a very specific task on your site, whether it’s to sign up to follow your blog, fill out a contact form, download a piece of content, purchase a particular product, or request a demo. Using a landing page associated with your Facebook ad can even further optimize your ad for conversions.

All of the above are examples of conversions, which are actions that you want your website visitors to take to drive your business growth. Facebook advertising benefits your business because it makes it as easy and seamless as possible for users to perform the action you are suggesting they take (to convert). The easier it is to convert, the more conversions that will happen!

Another benefit of Facebook advertising is that it enables you to track the action people are taking on your site when they come through your ads. Learning which actions are being carried out the most can help you determine which ads are working best and what people are specifically looking for on your site. In terms of conversions, Facebook advertising benefits your business because it enables you to increase conversions, improve your website, and learn more about the audience you’re targeting.

So, does Facebook advertising work? It most certainly does. Facebook advertising is an excellent tool for not only getting in front of more people; but getting in front of the right people who will engage with your posts, spread the word about your business, and become customers. As you can see, the benefits of Facebook advertising aren’t just limited to improving your business’s Facebook page. They help to expand your audience, enhance your website, boost brand awareness and ultimately increase sales. Find out for yourself by creating your own ad!

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