• Diving Deeper into your Marketing: UTM Tracking


For any business, it’s important to know where to find your customers.

You use different marketing efforts like display ads, social media campaigns, and email marketing to get more sales and increase brand awareness. Through Google Analytics you can see the traffic generated by each campaign and use those measurements to track success. 

But could you be digging deeper? What more could you learn about where your customers are coming from?

Let’s say that your direct email and Facebook ads showed the best results. A simple and invaluable way to learn more about your clientele is to study their online behavior. Did they click a photo, a button, or maybe a link to get to your landing page?

You can find that out within seconds now with UTM tracking in your Google Analytics account. This may sound techy – but it really is very simple!

But What Is UTM Tracking?

Users arrive at your website through a variety of sources, including search engines, social networks, and advertising campaigns. By using Google Analytics to measure these campaigns and traffic sources, you can improve your marketing efforts and user experiences.

UTM tracking (Urchin Tracking Modules) is a small piece of text code that looks similar to a URL link. In conjunction with Google Analytics, UTM tracking provides specific parameters for each click source, making it easy for you to label and distinguish each source used whether it’s through a search engine, an imagine, link, or button.

This is an example of what your code will look like:


When UTM tracking links are implemented, you receive traffic reports of your custom campaigns in your Google Analytics account showing you exactly how people came to your site and from what source, allowing you to dive deeper into your data to better understand your customers and your content. 

Who Should Be Using This Tool?

The short answer: Anyone and everyone.

The long answer: You put time, effort and money into your custom campaign. Why not track each part of it to see what your clients gravitate towards more? See whether they’re clicking on an image, links in texts, or buttons more with this simple tool. The unique details of each source are filtered into your Google Analytics account so you can identify the URLs that are most effective in attracting users to your content. If you are running multiple campaigns or have multiple click options (image, text link, or button), you want to be able to organize and track these sources.

Say you are running multiple direct email campaigns for a winter sale. You want to be able to see how many times a certain photo or link was clicked to better understand what your customers are attracted to. UTM tracking can provide that for you instantly. With that information you can then compare your different campaigns to see what methods are most effective in driving sales.

What Are The Benefits of UTM Tracking?

  • Helps you understand the behaviors of your website visitors
  • Shows you what is most effective with your clientele whether it’s photos, links, etc.
  • Can save you and your business time and money on unnecessary or ineffective campaigns
  • Measure how many times a page was viewed and the type of unique downloads

The business world is focusing more and spending more on digital advertising and campaigns. By using this simple, user-friendly tool, you can better monitor your online traffic leading to better marketing results.

Understanding your online visitor behaviors can take your business and sales to the next level. For your next campaign consider UTM tracking and find out how customers are finding you!


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