• Digital Sweethearts


One really is the loneliest number.

When you’re limiting your marketing efforts to just one tool hoping to get big results, that is.

What could be sweeter than two marketing tools, working together and perfectly complementing one another’s efforts? Especially when one technique can be paired with another to create a stronger marketing strategy that’s greater than the sum of it’s parts!

So we’ve done some marketing matchmaking, to show you how these Digital Sweethearts are a love story for the ages.

Love is like… Direct Email and Landing Pages

These two are made for each other, each making the other stronger. Following an email marketing link to a tailored-to-perfection landing page means painting a picture for your customers, completing the thought that began in your email message with the right conclusion on your landing page. Like a couple who finish each others sentences, this pair are better together than they are apart!

Love is like… Social Media and Video Ads

Great couples support each other and celebrate success together. Fun, vibrant video ads are wonderful on their own, but are made that much sweeter when they’re promoted and shared on Social Media channels! These two are tailor-made for each other, supporting the goals and triumphs of one another the way they know best.

Love is like… SEO and SEM

Two halves of a whole, these two Search techniques make your marketing ever stronger when working in tandem. While Optimization of your site takes time to implement and gain traction, pay-per-click SEM can hit the ground running so you catch customers from the very first day you start your campaign. These two team together, balancing their strengths (short-term vs. long-term) to work seamlessly for your business.

Like a match made in heaven, these pairs work seamlessly to boost each other’s results, balance strengths and weaknesses, and together can be worth more together than they are apart.

Pair up these digital sweethearts and they’ll make each other (and your marketing strategy) complete.

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