• Digital Marketing Tricks and Treats


We know that it’s easy to be spooked by digital media. It’s a new, constantly changing, unfamiliar realm of marketing that can be scary for small business owners to begin to tackle.

Here at Propel Marketing, we want to take the fright out of digital marketing for you and provide some helpful tips if you’re just getting started. There’s a lot of good tricks to learn (and some treats!)

Digital Marketing Tricks

  • Don’t get overwhelmed: If getting started in digital marketing is something new, don’t get in over your head from the get-go. Whether starting with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, or Reputation Monitoring, go slowly and maybe start gradually so you can get comfortable in the digital world.
  • Use available tools to make your life easier: Have a lot of social media accounts and feel overwhelmed creating content for all channels? Take the stress out of it and use a social media management platform to create and schedule posts across multiple networks in advance!

Digital Marketing Treats

  • Digital marketing doesn’t have to break the bank: There are a ton of free resources online to help you get started! One resource, Google’s Webmaster Tools, helps you make changes to your site to become more Google-friendly and better found by your potential customers!
  • Attract the customers you want to target & get found locally: Just because it’s the World-Wide-Web, doesn’t mean that you can’t use digital marketing to attract a local audience. Many campaigns can be controlled and restricted geographically, including Search Engine Marketing (SEM or PPC) and Retargeting campaigns, and you can invest your time and money into local-based efforts, such as a Google+ Local page.

The biggest trick to learn is to ask for help if you need it and it’d be our treat to provide it. From Propel Marketing, we’re here to make the world of digital a little less scary and to wish you a very Happy Halloween!

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