• December Instagram Ideas

December Instagram Ideas

For a small business owner, December is the busiest month of the year. Between holidays, tax season approaching, and the end of the 4th quarter, free time is closer to a distant memory than a reality. But staying relevant on Instagram is important, especially during the holiday season where people will be shopping more than ever. Here are some easy December Instagram ideas to keep your Instagram feed looking fun and festive!

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December Instagram Ideas

Post Ideas for Your Instagram Feed this December

Instagram is a great channel for all kinds of holiday marketing campaigns. Check out the ideas below for inspiration.


Also known as the festival of lights, Hanukkah is celebrated by Jewish people all around the world and lasts eight full days. Hanukkah is typically celebrated by lighting a menorah with 9 candles, playing dreidel games, and spending time with family. A gift is given for each night of Hannukkah, providing a great opportunity to show off lots of small, festive gifts on your Instagram feed for your customers to choose from.

For example, if you operate a spa or salon, mention a different special or promotion every one of the eight nights, or if you sell physical goods, make a special line of Hanukkah-themed products, such as candles. Make sure these goods or services are advertised in an attractive way on your Instagram to draw in new customers! The dates of Hanukkah change annually, so be sure to check your ThriveHive Marketing Calendar each year for updates.

Make a Gift Day

While the holidays may be the season of buying, many people prefer to handcraft their gifts to add a heartfelt touch. This type of customer may seem difficult to attract to your business, but there are many ways to get them scrolling your Instagram feed and heading to your storefront! You can create an Instagram post with some of the DIY products you offer, such as kits, cards, or gift baskets, show off the creations some of your customers have tagged you in, or repost a gift guide from a popular blogger or influencer. Make a Gift Day is a great holiday to highlight in your December Instagram calendar! Make a Gift Day is celebrated on December 3rd.


Pearl Harbor Day

Recognized on December 7, Pearl Harbor Day is considered a somber holiday where we recognize the 2,403 United States citizens killed in the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941. Any Instagram content posted should include a United States flag or another commemorative object along with a serious and patriotic caption. No flashy advertising or discounts should be mentioned on Pearl Harbor Day.

National Gingerbread House Day

A great way to celebrate the season is National Gingerbread House Day. National Gingerbread House Day is a festive way to get into the holiday spirit that lends itself to lots of fun Instagram ideas. Host a contest on Instagram for your followers for the best gingerbread house, repost a gingerbread house that a customer created, or post gingerbread houses your staff built. National Gingerbread House Day takes place annually on December 12th.

Free Shipping Day

If you operate an eCommerce website, participating in free shipping day and advertising it on your Instagram feed is a great way to attract new customers. Be sure to mention the dates you are offering it from and to and if there are any exclusions. The dates of Free Shipping Day change annually, so be sure to check your ThriveHive Marketing Calendar each year for updates.

First Day of Winter

While nobody likes to be reminded of the cold, the First Day of Winter, or December 21st, can also result in some fun holiday festivities. With Christmas just around the corner, you can use the winter solstice as an excuse to curate some cute gift-giving content for your Instagram, some wintery images of snow or Christmas trees, or advertise the cold weather products you have available.

Christmas Eve & Christmas

Perhaps the most popular holiday of the year, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day represent a time to spend with loved ones, enjoy the sights of the season, and spread good cheer! You can choose to recognize Christmas on Instagram in many different ways, such as showing off your Christmas decorations, last-minute stocking stuffer ideas, or sending well wishes to your customers through a heartfelt post. Christmas Eve is celebrated on December 24th and Christmas Day on December 25th.

New Years Eve

It’s time to wrap up the old, and come in with the new! New Year’s Eve is a great opportunity to discuss how your personal or professional goals were met, say goodbye to products or services that underperformed, or show off new product releases. Cheers to that! New Year’s Eve is celebrated on December 31st.


Other Places to Post

Speaking of posting this December, don’t forget about your Facebook profile and Google My Business profile! We’ve got plenty of December Facebook post ideas for inspiration. As for Google My Business, the holidays are a great time to try out Google offer and event posts. These posts enable you to set time frames, include terms & conditions, and provide coupon codes. For more help, check out our Guide to Posting on Google My Business.

Looking for content ideas for every day of the year? Download our free full marketing calendar below!


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