• December Facebook Ideas

Ho ho ho and merry marketing! We’ve got a sleigh full of exciting December marketing ideas from #uglysweaters to celebrating unruly winter temperatures. Let’s get started!

December Facebook Ideas

December Awareness Causes

The best way to come up with Facebook and Instagram marketing ideas for December is to take a look at what December celebrates—and it’s more than just the holidays! December is the awareness month for:

• Business Plans (who knew?)
• Safe Toys and Gifts
• Human Rights
• National Flu Vaccination Week

Flu Shot

Do your part to keep the city healthy by offering free flu shots at your business location. Rite Aid actually has a program for this, where they’ll bring everything you need (including a clinical professional) to administer shots to your staff or willing customers.

If you’re not into needles, post some helpful tips or facts about the flu shot in hopes of inspiring people to get into their doctor’s office asap!

December Facebook ideas flu

Safe Toys and Gifts

Safe toys and gifts awareness is top of mind for all of those folks with little ones running around. Post links to helpful articles related to the most popular safe toys this season. Bonus if you sell any in-store!

December Facebook ideas toys

December Holidays


The holiday season is about much more than Santa Claus, especially with eight crazy nights of Hanukkah beginning in early December. Hold an eight-day long promotion or special to coincide with the High Holiday or simply wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah.

December Facebook ideas hanukkah

Make a Gift Day – First Tuesday after Thanksgiving

Have a product that could make a cute crafting idea? This shop put together a super cute Christmas-themed crafting idea using their products as the building block.

December Facebook ideas craft

Or think outside the box for the person with no time to craft a homemade gift and encourage a little online shopping for the perfect present at your shop.


December Facebook ideas craft2

National Cookie Day – December 4th

Who doesn’t love a big, chocolate chip cookie? National Cookie Day is a day for all cookie lovers to rejoice in their shared love for the timeless treat. Encourage recipe sharing to increase engagement or invite people into the shop for delicious treats on the house!

december facebook ideas_cookie

December Facebook ideas cookie2

Pearl Harbor Day – December 7th

Take a moment out of the consumer-driven month of December to acknowledge those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. It’s always well-received to create deals and offers for service members on days like today—they deserve it. You could also organize a drive putting care packages together for soldiers overseas commencing on December 7th.

National Gingerbread House Day – December 12th

Host a contest amongst your staff to see who can create the most impressive gingerbread house! Ask your Facebook followers to vote on their favorite and highlight the lucky winner by the end of the day. This is a great way to engage with your followers and connect with your audience.

December Facebook ideas ginger

Or you can be like this dentist and offer alternative gingerbread house-making materials for a healthier activity.

December Facebook ideas ginger

Free Shipping Day – December 18th

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s Free Shipping Day! To protect your margins a bit, you may want to require that the customer to meet a certain order amount threshold before they’re eligible for the free shipping… or be super generous and offer it no matter what. Give back to the community?!

December Facebook ideas ship (1)

December Faacebook ideas ship2

Ugly Sweater Day – Third Friday in December

It’s finally here! Encourage your employees to dress up for the occasion and hold a Facebook contest for the best ugly sweater. Ask customers to participate by coming in wearing their gaudy best for a chance to be featured on your Facebook page and win a fun prize—an ugly sweater for next year, perhaps?

December Facebook ideas ugly

And everyone loves a dog in clothes. Dress up your pooch and ask for people to share their best furbaby photos!

December Facebook ideas ugly2

First Day of Winter – December 21st

Anyone else feel like the first day of winter should be earlier than the end of December? Well, it’s not! Marshalls used the occasion to advertise all of their cozy blankets and throws. Do you have any products or services that pair nicely with the nippy weather?

December Facebook ideas winter

Or create a poll asking followers to respond using their favorite reaction emoji! This has been a fun new trend in the audience participation realm.

Christmas Eve – December 24th and Christmas Day – December 25th

Take a break from marketing these next couple of days and focus on all the things you’re thankful for during the holiday. Highlight the activities you like to do in-store, with staff and with family and friends to provide insight into the human side of your business.



december facebook ideas christmas3

Other Holiday Post Ideas

In addition to Facebook, be sure to create holiday-themed posts for Instagram and even Google My Business. Instagram is a great platform to run a holiday giveaway, and Google My Business Offer and Event posts are perfect for your holiday promotions.

For a list of holidays and ideas throughout the year, take a look at our free full marketing calendar!

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