• The Death of Print Advertising?


Digital marketing may be the new and trendy way for businesses to market, but the idea that the print advertising is dead (or dying) is an over exaggeration when thinking about your business’s marketing needs.

In the last 10 years, the importance of digital marketing has been on the rise. It offers business owners an inexpensive and effective way to reach a targeted audience and measure the success of their marketing efforts quickly and easily.

But if you’re limiting your business’ advertising to strictly digital, you’re missing out on the unique  benefits (as well huge portion of potential customers) that only print advertising can offer!

Newspapers have had hundreds of years to hone their ability to bring quality results to a business’ marketing efforts.

Despite living in a world dominated by the need for digital marketing, traditional print advertising still has a very important role in helping your business reach its marketing goals:

Myth-Conception: I Can Build My Business’ Brand on My Own

This may be true, but newspapers and magazines are reliable and credible sources for consumers. Your customer’s trust is where it all starts. If a reader is picking up the newspaper, whether a local or national title, they’re likely to know what to expect from the publication. The reader trusts the quality and content of the publication, and that trust is extended to the advertisers.

Businesses turn to print marketing to legitimize their brand, update their messaging, or help solidify their branding effort. If this print strategy is complimented by an online display advertising campaign to reinforce your brand, it will help keep your business at the forefront for potential customers.

Myth-Conception: Print Doesn’t Reach or Engage my Customers

The notion that newspapers are doomed to stay on the rack at a convenience store or on the table of a waiting room is not an accurate one. Despite the fact that subscription services are down overall, it also means that only the most engaged readers are seeing your ads. Engaged readers are more likely to give your ad more consideration, thus becoming a viable customer. And those newspapers that sit in the waiting room or in a home may stay for months, passing through the hands of a variety of potential customers.

And if you think that those readers are not actively engaged, you couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, multiple studies show that when someone is reading a physical copy of print, they more easily recall the information – perfect for when the times comes that someone needs your services. When choosing print, there is no need to fear that your potential customers are not being reached or engaged.

Myth-Conception: There’s No Track-ability to My Print Ads

This misconception may be a little bit harder to debunk, but it also highlights the union that should occur between print and digital when thinking about your business’ marketing strategy. Though the physical print ad may be impossible to track (unless it’s required that the customer bring the ad for a discount), your same print ad can also live online within the digital marketing arena. That advertisement can then be tracked using a variety of metrics to review your success. Not only are you getting double the benefit of using digital and print together, but your customers receive a consistent experience with your brand from paper to screen.

In the current marketing landscape there is plenty of room for both print and digital. Print offers your business a number of unique benefits and marketing opportunities, and many of the myths about print marketing are perpetuated by an increasingly digital and mobile world.

But print and digital are not adversaries fighting for your advertising dollars, but rather two sides of the same coin that can both be leveraged in tandem to help grow your business and achieve your marketing goals.

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