• How to Curate Content: Tips and Tools

Content Curation Tips and Tools

When used properly, curated content can improve the effectiveness of your marketing. You can garner more page views, repeat visitors, more subscribers, backlinks and so on. So that leaves the question: What is the proper way to curate so that you can experience these benefits?

Content Curation Tips and Tools

Content Curation Best Practices

Keep the following things in mind as you gather and share content.

Set Clear Goals

What are you hoping to achieve by sharing curated content? How will measure your results so as to know when you’ve reached a goal? Before you begin curating, you should define clear and attainable goals. Relevant metrics might be page views, new visitors, return visits or days since last visit.

Tracking the most important indicators will help you to view your progress accurately.

Don’t Steal

The goal is to collect and share the informative pieces of others with your audience. It is not the practice of finding work that you like and passing it off as your own. Be respectful and give credit to the author. Doing so is only right and could even help you to build relationships and get backlinks.

Be Focused

Sure there’s great content out there in niches only loosely related to yours. But the main question when curating is: “Is this topic relevant to or helpful for my audience?” The answer should always be “yes.” Subject matter that’s inconsistent does not build up readership.

Your focus should be on a few key themes that provide added value to readers. For instance, you might choose industry trends, general insights or opinion pieces.

Stick to Your Sources

To help you pass on only the most relevant content, it’s wise to identify and stick to a few good sources. What companies or influencers consistently create quality content on your desired subjects?

By following and sharing their content, you save yourself time. You also make it easier for relationships to form. Most will be happy to know that you enjoy their work and will appreciate you giving it wider exposure. This can open doors of opportunity for partnership.

Share, But Don’t Overdo It

Of course, you don’t want to drown everyone’s feeds with endless posts promoting curated content. Yet, you do want to share across several platforms to generate as much interest as possible.

Handy Content Curation Tools

You might be wondering: “How can I find valuable, interesting stuff that’s worth sharing? Is there any way to make curation easier and less time-consuming?” Keep reading.

Content Curation Gold Mines

•  Pocket: Save articles to read or share later. Organize articles by topic using the tags function. That way, when ready to post on a certain topic, there’s no need to sift through unrelated content.
•  Flipboard: Organize, view and share articles by this personal digital magazine. Customize it so that you see only the most relevant and recent content.
•  Twitter Lists: Categorize groups of users to follow them apart from the rest of your feed. This prevents noteworthy content from getting lost in the sea of other tweets.
•  Newsletters and Blogs: If there’s a source you like, sign up for the newsletter or subscribe to the blog. That way, you can stay on top of the latest posts. Instead of having to search, the content will come to you.
•  Scoop.it – Start with a topic of interest and Scoop.it will generate results relevant to that search. Track your chosen topics and post easily across social channels.

Automation Tools for Curated Content

Of course, there are many more options available but the above will give you a good start. What about tools for automation, though? Time-saving automation tools include:
•  Zapier:  Set up triggers that will spur interactions between two apps. For example, set up a Zap to trigger when you save a new article to Pocket. That article will then go into the Buffer queue. You can then post to Twitter whenever you’re ready.
•  IFTTT – If This Then That works with many apps that you might use for curation. These include Medium, Pocket, Twitter, Facebook, MailChimp and more. Simply set up triggers to send articles to the appropriate app for posting.
•  dlvr.it – Connect RSS feeds to your social media profiles to automatically share content. Place articles in the queue to share automatically at the best times throughout the day.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you keep in mind the best practices mentioned above, you can be a successful content curator. You can build a larger following and offer real value, which will promote business growth.

Too, the tools above will help you to find the most relevant, fresh content out there. They’ll also help you distribute it effectively. That way, you can still keep on top of other marketing endeavors. Are you ready to start curating?

Nia Gyant
Nia Gyant
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