How to Get Your Business on Facebook Places

For a while now, small businesses have been using Facebook to connect with their target audience, promote their products and services, and drive traffic to their website. Now, with advancements in targeting and location features, Facebook even further facilitates local online marketing. However, these additional features also mean that fully setting up your Facebook Business […]

How to Get Your Business on Facebook Places

How to (Fully) Set Up Your Business on Facebook

With it’s widespread usage and versatility, Facebook has come to be a popular and effective marketing tool for businesses. However, as the platform evolves, making the most of Facebook for your business is getting more involved. In the past, creating a Facebook business page was fairly simple. Now, there are additional features, channels, and methods […]

how to fully set up your business on facebook

Two New Features Coming to Instagram Stories

Since Instagram’s initial release of the Stories feature five months ago, business owners have found many ways to use Stories, such as experimenting with different hashtags and content types, and tagging your followers directly. However, Instagram is now working on two new features that will open up new ways for using Stories for marketing: Insights […]

two new features instagram stories

Building Your Business’s Social Media Presence

Social media has come to be an effective channel through which businesses can create more personal and creative connections with their audience. Visual, informative, and real time content enables an ongoing and transparent dialogue between you and your target audience.  Social media marketing can facilitate a number of growth goals, from increasing brand awareness to getting more […]

building your business's social media presence