Pinterest Marketing Tips for Business

Social media marketing has a general set of tips and tricks that apply to most platforms: Make sure your content is high quality and in front of the right audience.  Use informative, unique, and interesting content to attract new customers. Make sure you are posting at optimal times for your target audience. In addition to […]

Pinterest Marketing Tips for Business

Marketing Your Business on Pinterest: Basics and Best Practices

You know that marketing only grows your business if it reaches the right people. You also know that adding visual elements to your content and promotions is a great way to boost engagement and attract customers. With its search features and vision board-themed layout,  Pinterest satisfies these criteria. However, this platform does have some limitations, particularly with […]

Marketing Your Business through Pinterest- Basics and Best Practices

How to Repost a Picture on Instagram with Repost App

As a way to easily edit and share photos with followers, companies big and small are leveraging Instagram to connect with customers and attract new ones. Between direct messaging, tagging, and sharing, this platform provides an interactive experience between businesses and their audiences. What some users don’t know is that they can repost other users’ content […]

How to repost with instagram repost app

Comparing Social Media Platforms for Marketing

Social media provides many unique marketing opportunities for business. It connects businesses directly to the their audience and delivers near immediate feedback from them. The challenge most business owners face is that some social media outlets are better suited for particular marketing goals and business types over others. Knowing which to use for what purpose […]