Pinterest Marketing Tips for Business

Social media marketing has a general set of tips and tricks that apply to most platforms: Make sure your content is high quality and in front of the right audience.  Use informative, unique, and interesting content to attract new customers. Make sure you are posting at optimal times for your target audience. In addition to […]

Pinterest Marketing Tips for Business

How to Repost a Picture on Instagram with Repost App

As a way to easily edit and share photos with followers, companies big and small are leveraging Instagram to connect with customers and attract new ones. Between direct messaging, tagging, and sharing, this platform provides an interactive experience between businesses and their audiences. What some users don’t know is that they can repost other users’ content […]

How to repost with instagram repost app

What Are Tracked Phone Lines?

As a small business owner, it can be very difficult to track exactly where you customers are coming from. Did they find you from a Google search? From your Facebook page? A flyer or other offline marketing activity? While Google Analytics, tracked links, and similar tools have certainly made it easier to track your target audience’s […]

4 Local Link Building Tactics for Small Businesses

As a small business, you probably already know how important it is to be engaged with your community. You might also know that backlinks are important because they can help increase your website’s page and domain authority, two factors that Google considers when ranking websites in search engine results. But, did you know that you […]

local link building for small businesses