6 Steps to Deal with Negative Reviews

In today’s interconnected digital world, online reviews hold more power than ever. In fact, they can make or break a small business. Positive reviews can build your online presence and drive a steady stream of customers to your door. Conversely, negative reviews can act like an anchor on your new customer generation and even loyal […]

6 steps to deal with negative reviews

How to Turn Web Traffic Into Actionable Leads

Unless you have an e-commerce business where your website visitors can become customers directly on your website, you may find it challenging to get more customers online. You spend so much time on your business website—perfecting your homepage, writing your products and services, publishing blog posts, and more—but you have no way to tell how effective […]

How to Turn Web Traffic Into Actionable Leads

Increase Your Sales By Creating a Basic Sales Funnel

One of the most common mistakes we see small business owners make is that of trying to go from a first contact directly to a sale. A straight line may be the shortest path, but that doesn’t matter if the path is rarely (if ever) taken. With the number of businesses out there and the […]

Increase Sales By Creating a Basic Sales Funnel

May Marketing & Blog Ideas

May is upon us and marks the beginning of warmer weather and spring holidays! Here are some fresh ideas for your marketing and blogging efforts for the month of May. 1. National Small Business Week First and foremost, National Small Business Week is the first week of May! Dedicated to raising awareness about small businesses […]

May Marketing and Blog Ideas