April 25, 2014

4 Reasons Why Perfect Is the Enemy of Done

Many of the most successful people out there seem to be perfectionists, or at least that’s how it looks. You know the type- always working, sweating […]
April 11, 2014

Facebook’s Failing Business Communication Tool and How Email Could Save It

There has been a lot written and said lately about Facebook’s dramatically declining reach for businesses and how Facebook is struggling to maintain a high quality […]
April 3, 2014

Collecting New Customers with Bitcoin

Most of us have heard of Bitcoin by now, but what is it? How is it changing the face of business and consumer interactions? The fledgling "cryptocurrency" has many advantages and drawbacks...
March 20, 2014

Test. Analyze. Optimize. Maximize. Repeat. A Marketing Mantra for Small Business

Successful marketing campaigns are nurtured, not born. Today, there are unprecedented resources and technology available to maximize the advertising and marketing investments of any business. Your marketing mantra should be “Test. Analyze. Optimize. Maximize. Repeat.” to make the most of your small business marketing strategy....
March 19, 2014
The Top Five TED Talks to Inspire Your Small Business Marketing

The Top Five TED Talks to Inspire Your Small Business Marketing

Short for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, TED conferences bring together leaders across different industries to inspire and share their knowledge with the public. The TED Talk […]
March 17, 2014

It Takes More Than Luck in Digital Marketing

When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, it takes more than luck to make it work. All great plans require time, effort, and a healthy dose of creativity, which is never more true than for online marketing. Whether you’re tweeting, optimizing, or generating leads on your website, it takes more than luck...