• Can Guerrilla Marketing Exist Online?


Named after the irregular tactics used during warfare, guerrilla marketing* is a marketing strategy used by some businesses that utilizes low-cost, unconventional means of reaching their desired audience.

What might be considered guerrilla marketing? Flash mobs, graffiti, odd ad placement, PR stunts, and sticker or flyer “bombing” are all cheap(er) and surprising marketing methods.

The objective of these strategies is to generate buzz and public interaction between the business and its customers. Over the last couple of years, examples of successful and creative guerrilla marketing campaigns have been implemented all over the world:

12 Inspirational Guerrilla Marketing Examples 

After seeing examples of guerrilla marketing in action, one has to wonder: can this same approach be taken into the online world?

Sure, any company can spend money to design, create, and display a unique and creative advertisement online. These days any company can create a strong social media presence with the likes of Facebook or Twitter. But do these media tools follow in the footsteps of what guerrilla marketing really is? Having a display ad designed, implemented, and then seen by your target audience is not usually a low-cost option, nor is it remarkable or unexpected. Creating a Facebook or Twitter page is free, but at this point, it is no longer unconventional for a company to do this.

So how can a company create an online guerrilla marketing strategy? Is it even possible? Well, in short, the answer is yes. Most guerrilla marketing examples are just very creative billboard-type advertisements. Sure, some of them were placed in unconventional spots, but the principle still remains the same.

When bringing this type of marketing concept over to the online world, the theory is the same. In fact, there may be even more creative options online:

  • Viral videos: With a thoughtful, creative, and usually funny video, you can garner the attention of hundreds of thousands of people in mere days. A video doesn’t have to cost much either.  For example, Dollar Shave Club produced their viral video without hiring any actors, was shot in their own warehouse, and used just a bit of creativity to get their message across.
  • Blogging: A great platform for personal expression. When used creatively, a blog can attract a large following when done well. Traditional business blogs are relevant to industry topics and current events, but taking a surprising or shocking twist to this could be great “viral” marketing.
  • Social Media: Social media has almost become the norm for businesses over the last few years. Most customers would be surprised if they searched for one of their favorite companies and it was nowhere to be found Facebook, Twitter, or any other social site. Aside from having a standard company page, a business can get creative and have some fun with using social media from a different angle. Creating a page for your company mascot can be a fun way to interact with fans on a more playful level.
  • Display or Retargeting ads: While these methods might cost more, you can take the same principle of creative billboard ads in the real world and bring it to the digital space with surprising, clever, or funny display ads.

In an age where there are so many options for online campaigns, you may need to start thinking outside of the box to help gain that extra edge. By bringing the philosophy and approach of guerrilla marketing to the online world, you can create an effective strategy to build a low-cost, creative way to make your business stand out.


*No actual gorillas were involved in the making of this blog

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