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Have you thought about the success rate of your marketing campaigns? No? Well, call tracking may be the right tool for you. Call tracking has been around for several years, but not many local businesses are utilizing this tool to track the success of their marketing campaigns. This tool allows you to see precisely what you’re getting out of your marketing efforts through the use of a unique local or toll-free number which is separate from your regular business phone line. Call tracking helps capture all incoming calls, hang ups, and voicemails from customers. Reports show the name of the caller, telephone number, location, duration of the call, and voicemails (like a call log).

In order to track performance, it is best to use a different call tracking number for each of your marketing campaigns. This will not only differentiate the marketing campaigns’ results from one another, but it will also show you which campaign generated the most leads. Call tracking numbers allow you “real time” tracking of each campaign. It’s a window into your real return on investment.

Here’s an example of how call tracking can be used. Let’s say a local bakery (ABC Bakery) is having a special promotion for their famous apple pies. They are planning to run a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign, a Retargeting campaign and a Print Advertising campaign all at the same time. This will give them the most coverage while using different media outlets. Since they have three marketing campaigns, they will use three different call tracking numbers, one for each campaign.

Here is the bakery’s regular information. Note that the phone number is their regular business phone line.

ABC Bakery
168 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 555-1234


Below are the three different Call Tracking numbers, one for each marketing campaign:

SEM: (617) 555-2345
Retargeting: (617) 555-3456
Print Advertising: (617) 555-4567

Their SEM Campaign will look something like this:

ABC Bakery
Fresh Pies Baked Daily!
To Order Call (617) 555-2345

Their display campaigns (online Retargeting and Print) will look something like this:

By the end of the special marketing blitz, ABC Bakery will be able to see exactly which campaign was the most successful in generating leads. If the bakery receives 30 phone calls at (617) 555-2345, then they know that their SEM campaign was the most effective in reaching their target audience. They can take this information and apply it to their future plans, adjusting where and how they invest in marketing strategies.

Call tracking can be used in all types of marketing mediums (e.g. print/online display advertising, direct mail, radio, TV, etc.) and should be utilized when launching any new campaign. Marketing is an investment and you need to know what just you’re getting in return for your money. Start using call tracking in your marketing campaigns and know your ROI today!


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