• Building your digital image


When you step out of the door in the morning, you like to put your best foot forward. You put your pants on and a good pair of shoes to make the right impression on the world. You care about your image.

When you stand on the floor of your business, you want to make a similarly good impression. Maybe you’re wearing a blazer, or a polo with your business name proudly emblazoned on it.

You want to project a trustworthy, proud, professional image.

But what’s your digital image?

  •   Your logo

Your logo is a shorthand representation of your business. It’s literally your image, expressing your name and what you do through graphics and colors. Does your logo adequately convey the values and purpose of your business?

  •   Your online listings

What’s your digital impression when a customer stumbles upon your listing in search results? How do you compare to your competitor’s listing right next to yours? Just like you want your window displays to be neat and your business hours correctly written on your storefront, you want to give a neat and tidy – and accurate – presentation in business listings on Google, online directories, and more across the web.

  •   Your website

Your business website is the next level of your online presence, beyond directory listings. It’s your storefront online, and should be treated just as well. Having an organized, modern, and informative website is the key to being taken seriously and to being perceived as a trustworthy business. An outdated, poorly organized, or unhelpful website will not inspire confidence in your potential customers.

  •   Your communications

All of your marketing materials and communications reflect your image online. From email marketing campaigns to Social Media posts to comments on Yelp reviews, the way you communicate speaks volumes. The way you interact with your customers and how enthused you seem about your own business all contributes to the impression you give people of your business online.

A clean, up-to-date, and well-organized digital image is critical to your success. Just like your in-person appearance, customers will be quick to judge your image online, determining just how trustworthy you seem and how you stack up to the competition.


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