• Building Your Business’s Social Media Presence

building your business's social media presence

Social media has come to be an effective channel through which businesses can create more personal and creative connections with their audience. Visual, informative, and real time content enables an ongoing and transparent dialogue between you and your target audience.  Social media marketing can facilitate a number of growth goals, from increasing brand awareness to getting more customers. However, this requires you to have a strong presence and audience, on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In this post we’ll provide tips on building your business’s social media presence on these three platforms.

building your business's social media presence

Building Your Social Media Presence on Facebook

Create a Facebook Business Page

The first step to building your social media presence is to create a Facebook page for your business. You can be the page admin, and you can also assign other team members roles to help with building content. With over 2 billion active members, it’s safe to say that sharing your posts can get you some great visibility.

Hold Contest and Giveaways

Another way to use Facebook to build your business’s social media presence is through Facebook contests and giveaways. These fun but competitive activities will allow you to personally interact with your audience, and will encourage them to post about your company on their personal pages.

Offer Exclusive Content

Offering your followers an insider’s look into your business is the third way to build your Facebook presence. Post photos and videos to bring them behind the scenes at trade shows, show new products before they’re launched, or provide coupons or discounts specific to your Facebook followers.

Building Your Social Media Presence on Instagram

Use Engaging Captions

Instagram is more of a “show, don’t tell” platform. Unlike Facebook, it is less common on Instagram to add lengthy captions to posts. This is because the first thing that users pay attention to is the photo or video; and also because they may not be likely to tap the “show more” button. They’ve got other pictures to see!

Build your presence on Instagram by giving users what they want: engaging photos and videos with quickly digestible captions. A picture is already worth a thousand words, so you should be able to convey your message with fewer words. If you’ve got a slew of good hashtags to use in your Instagram posts, keep them out of your caption. Insert them via a comment after you’ve published the post.

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Run an Instagram Giveaway

One exception to the short caption rule is Instagram giveaways, which are another great way to build your business’s social media presence. Your caption will need to include information on the prize and how to enter, so it may be longer than a caption for a typical post.  Followers can enter by posting photos with your company’s custom hashtag, leaving comments, or tagging their friends in comments on your company’s posts. No matter how you run your giveaway, you’re guaranteed to increase your visibility and amp up your presence on Instagram.

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Engage with Engagers

One of the best ways to build your presence on Instagram is to build up others’ presence. Engaging with your followers gives them a voice and opportunities to shine. In turn, they will engage even more, attracting the attention of other users and encouraging them to connect with you.

To engage with your followers, repost your follower’s photos that include your business hashtag or location in their caption. Respond to their comments on your posts, and make comments on theirs.

Link to Facebook

One last way to build your presence on Instagram is to link your Instagram account to your Facebook business page. By linking your accounts, you can add your location to Instagram so that you and other users can tag your business in their posts. In addition, you can choose to have your Instagram posts get automatically published to your Facebook business page. Expanding the reach of your posts is a surefire way to build your business’s social media presence.

Building Your Social Media Presence on Snapchat

Use My Story

On Snapchat, you can connect directly with individual users through regular Snaps and the chat feature. However, the best way to build your overall presence is by using My Story. My Story is an album that you can add photos and videos to, that stays up for 24 hours. Though the album deletes and refreshes itself every 24 hours, My Story is a great way to provide your audience with a real time view into the life of your business. Build your Snapchat presence by letting users in on your offline presence and the human side of your business.

Create a Geofilter

Another way to build your presence on social media is by creating a Snapchat geofilter for your business. A geofilter uses location-based marketing to increase awareness of your brand, both online and off.

Final Tips for Building Your Social Media Presence

To effectively build your social media presence, make sure that your posts specifically emphasize what makes your company different. Also, be as consistent as possible across your social media platforms. The text, visuals, and even the frequency of your posts and interactions should all convey they same core message to your audience—that you want to engage with them and are interested in their wants and needs. The more familiar you are with your audience, the easier it will be to come up with content that resonates with them and further builds your presence.

What strategies have worked for you in increasing your visibility on social media? Let us know in the comments below!

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