• 5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

5 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty Through Marketing

The lifetime value of a customer is one of the most important factors to sustaining the long-term growth of your business. Ideally, you want to build an army of loyal customers who keep coming back, so you can not only establish a strong customer base but also cultivate word of mouth marketing.

Almost 50% of small business owners report that most of their customer are repeat customers

In addition, the cost of attracting new customers is 6 to 7 times the cost of retaining already loyal customers! If you want to build a successful business, your efforts toward building customer loyalty should become a key component of that of your business’s strategy. This article will introduce the fundamentals of “customer loyalty” and give you five tips to building customer loyalty through marketing.

5 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty Through Marketing

What is Customer Loyalty?

Customer loyalty is a strategic practice for businesses to attract and retain customers through great service and marketing tactics. It’s about building a bond between your business and your customers, providing them with memorable service, and value (whether you are educating them, entertaining them, or solving their problems). Loyal customers will become your business’s strongest brand ambassadors, spreading word of mouth marketing. Essentially, building customer loyalty is like hiring a team of marketers for free!

Importance of Building Customer Loyalty

Why is customer loyalty so important? According to a Gartner Group study, 20% of your existing customer base generates 80% of your profits. Just a 5% increase in customer retention can increase your business profits by 25-125%!

It is also much easier and cheaper to retain a current customer than acquiring a new one. Your current customers are already knowledgeable about your business and are more likely to try new products or services through your recommendations.

Lastly, customers who have a bond with your business will provide honest feedback through direct interactions, online reviews, or surveys to help your business improve and grow.

5 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

1. Provide Valuable Content

In life you have to give to get. Providing customers with content that answers their questions and solves their problems will keep them coming back to your business. You want customers to think of you as a valuable and trusted resource they can go to when they need information. How can you establish this relationship? You can do this through blogging or nurture this relationship through social media. It’s important that you find the right marketing channel to reach your audience. The key is to create, curate, and share content that is helpful and interesting to your customers.

There are endless possibilities for the type of content you can post. Even if you don’t have the time to create your own content, curating and sharing content is an efficient way to engage with your customers. For example, if you read an article that your customers might find interesting, “share” it on your LinkedIn or Facebook page, or tweet it out. Another great tactic is to set up a series of helpful posts such as a “tip of the day” or a “tip of the week”. Setting up a post series that help your customers will give them incentive and increase engagement on social media. This will keep your business in their minds until they are ready to make a purchase with you or use your services again.

2. Interact with your Customers

Whether it’s through an email newsletter, blogging,  Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, use these marketing channels to interact with your customers on a more frequent basis. You can tweet your customers a “Thank you for your business” or thank them via your Facebook page for their loyalty. Any way you can think of to ping your customers in a positive way will help keep your customers happy. Engaging with your customers through these methods will make them feel special and turn customers into evangelists.

3. Abide by the 80/20 Rule

When you are marketing to people online you should abide by the 80/20 Rule. The 80/20 rule says that for every 10 posts, 8 should be content that provides value to your customers. Only 2 out of your 10 posts should be promotional material. For example, if you’re a daycare center, you can share a list like”10 Nutrition tips for Toddlers”. If you’re a fitness trainer, you could post weekly weight loss tips. It’s content like this that will establish your business as an authority in your industry in the minds of customers.

4. Customer Loyalty Program Discounts & Rewards

Everyone loves a deal. Establishing a customer loyalty program by running discounts and promotions through social media and website makes things interesting for your customers. Customers love to know that you care about them and rewarding them with a discount for their loyalty is something they will greatly appreciate. You can run these promotions easily through your website or your Facebook page or by hosting an Instagram giveaway!

5. Update! Update! Update!

It’s important in your customer relationships to keep things fresh! Use social media or your website to keep your customers posted on the latest deals or events at your business. This can be done very simply in a number of ways. If you have a blog, write engaging posts that introduces your customers to a new product or service you’re offering. Or it can be as simple as posting pictures on Facebook for people to see. Behind-the-scenes photos are a great way to build a more personal connection with customers. Check out our free Facebook guide with added insights from real small business owners to get more ideas about how to engage with your Facebook audience.

Bonus Tip: Mix Up Your Content

Variety is the spice of life, and its no different when it comes to engaging users on social media. In the digital age with so much information readily available, people get bored easily. A fast way to lose your customer’s attention is by posting the same dreary thing 20 different ways. Videos and pictures through Instagram are a great ways to mix things up. Post a video of a workout one of your clients did in the morning if you’re a personal trainer. If you’re an interior designer, shoot a panoramic video of a new room you designed. Videos and pictures give customers a window into what is going on in your business and make it more personable. Posting videos and pictures also give your loyal customers an opportunity to become an evangelist for you by sharing them on their own social media pages! You can find some great tools to mix up your content here.

Remember your customers are the lifeblood of your business. If you create an army of loyal customers and keep them happy, your business will thrive!

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