• Brand research in the form of a Captcha


Recently, Ad Age caught our eye with a post about a cool new tool which combines brand research with customer engagement and practical functionality in the form of a Captcha.

Some of you may be asking yourselves, what is a Captcha? Most likely you’ve seen it before. It’s that box at the bottom of an online form where you have to type the difficult-to-read letters and numbers to prove you’re a human being – not a robot – before moving on to the next page. The functionality is mostly used to combat spam. Solve Media, a U.S.-based advertising solutions company, took the idea of Captchas one step further when they debuted Brand Tags. Their technology turns Captchas into brand research tools, showing users a company’s logo and asking them to type in the company’s slogan or a descriptive phrase. This cool approach pushes consumers to engage and think about a brand and reply with their opinion, and in turn, provides the advertiser with valuable insight.

The post cites one test for Purina, where the description “dog food” came up three times more than any other words, closely followed by “good,” and further down the list, a variety of both positive and negative responses.

This seems like a great and innovative tool to learn about customers in a practical and engaging way, enhancing the Captcha experience on all sides. Check out the full post to learn more.

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