• Boosting Your Marketing Presence


When it comes to taking your business online, you know your stuff.

You have a website optimized for desktop and mobile. Your logo looks great and so does your Facebook page. Customers can find you where you want them to and they even occasionally leave you a positive review. But there is still something missing, something that keeps you from getting more leads, more traffic and more success. You’ve hit a marketing plateau!

Maybe your growth has flatlined. Maybe you haven’t reviewed your digital marketing campaigns, tactics, or web analytics in a long time. Maybe you’re saying “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. Whatever the reason, it sounds like your digital marketing efforts could use a boost!

Here’s how:

  • Review Your Web Analytics

When was the last time you reviewed your web analytics data with your team to identify trends and discuss opportunities to optimize traffic channels? By regularly checking the numbers, you can evaluate your website performance and effectiveness, develop buyer personas based on behavior, and monitor the ever-changing digital landscape for better performance!  

  • Update Your Website

Is your site content interesting? Informative? Attractive? Can your customers easily navigate your site on their mobile devices? If you answered “no,” or “not really,” that’s a perfect place to start! Give consumers a reason to come back and engage with your brand online, whether that’s in the form of new blog articles, more informational pages, or lead grabbing giveaways and contests!

  • Increase Your SEM Impression Share

If you’re already running a paid search campaign, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the highest market share of qualified shoppers that you can afford. Even if you didn’t have plans to increase your search budget, knowing your SEM impression share is a great step in making informed decisions – especially when you review your paid marketing strategy in the context of your overall marketing plan.

  • Optimize Your Social Media Share

If you have a significant following on Facebook or Twitter, your community of followers has learned to expect regular, high-quality content – posts, comments, shares, and messages – from you and your business. Take it a step further and try social advertising to boost your engagement and drive more concentrated traffic to your new promotions, services, and events. By harnessing the power of low-cost Facebook ads, you can build better engagement for your brand.



Putting it all Together

To get a better idea of what parts of your digital marketing strategy need a boost, evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your marketing channels. Whether you’re looking for increased retail foot traffic or more form fills and phone calls, use the four aforementioned tactics to reaffirm the goals you first set out to achieve. Ensure everything is working in collaboration, and your marketing boost is sure to give you better performance over time.


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