Two New Features Coming to Instagram Stories

Since Instagram’s initial release of the Stories feature five months ago, business owners have found many ways to use Stories, such as experimenting with different hashtags and content types, and tagging your followers directly. However, Instagram is now working on two new features that will open up new ways for using Stories for marketing: Insights […]

two new features instagram stories

5 Tips for Setting an Effective Marketing Budget

The amount that a company should spend on marketing varies according to several factors, including stage of growth, speed of growth, industry, resources available, and more. Needless to say, no two business budgets are alike. However, there are some important considerations that affect the formation of every marketing budget. Below are some key considerations to ensure […]

tips for setting an effective marketing budget

How to Rank First on Google Images

The Google search engine is a powerful tool and one that the majority of people use on a regular basis. As a business owner, setting yourself up to get on the first page of Google is incredibly important, considering that 91% of people won’t go beyond this when sifting through search results, yikes! That being said, there […]

how to rank first on google images

Location Based Mobile Marketing for Small Business

Location based marketing and mobile marketing for small business go hand in hand. In fact, the primary reason why location based marketing is now an option for small businesses is because of mobile devices. Business owners can use their devices to market from anywhere, and can reach their audience wherever they may be. While mobile marketing […]

location based mobile marketing