How To Create a Google+ Page For Your Small Business

Your business is active on Twitter, you’re posting regularly to Facebook, but are you on Google+?  This new social network may be the smallest of the three, but it has the most influence over Google’s search results.  If you’re a small business that has already mastered Facebook and Twitter, you might want to consider adding […]

Google+ for Small Business

Engaging Content: How to Increase Web Traffic and Reduce Bounce Rate

Creating engaging content is critical if you want to attract people to your website and keep them on the site once they get there.  This article will outline four tips to help you create relevant content that will captivate your audience. First off, let’s define what a bounce rate is to make sure we all start […]

Engaging content

Get Found Online By Building A Marketing Footprint

Having a big sign in a busy physical location used to be enough to attract potential customers to your business.  Today, having a good marketing footprint still follows that same principle, but the signs are online and it’s important to place those signs in multiple places on the internet.  ThriveHive suggests small business owners to […]

Top 3 Marketing Approaches from The Chiropractor Marketing Report

Today, ThriveHive is excited to release “The Chiropractor Marketing Report”, a detailed look into the current marketing trends in the chiropractic industry based on a survey of 236 chiropractors.  You can download your free copy here. It’s probably no surprise that most chiropractors are in a constant search for patients. If you’re thinking “Yep, that’s […]

Chiropractors Greatest Challenges in Finding New Patients