Twitter for Small Business: Keeping it Fun Keeps it Effective

After mentioning whiskey in a tweet several weeks back, I noticed I had picked up a new follower to my Twitter account. It was a stone mason whose product is a soapstone disk that lives in your freezer until you add it to a glass of your favorite whiskey- the idea being that it chills […]

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3 Steps to Get More Business than You Can Handle from Yelp

Morgan Cohen’s passion for homes led him to start a Boston area home inspection business in 2005.  Today, with a little help from Yelp, he has reached the point where he so busy that he is turning away business.  Morgan is getting 5-10 calls a week generated by his Yelp listing and he simply can’t handle […]

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How Should Small Businesses Divvy Up Their Marketing Dollars?

Good news, U.S. small businesses are on the move again, that is if marketing budgets are any indication. In three separate surveys (Forrester Research, Ad-ology, Network Solutions) almost half of small business owners are increasing their marketing spend this year. A lot of that spend is happening online.  Fifty percent of those surveyed are spending more on their […]

4 Lessons from Zappos That Can Help Your Small Business Get More Online Reviews

Does your business rely heavily on word of mouth marketing?  Today the online version of word of mouth is reviews.  If your business doesn’t have any online reviews, it’s the offline equivalent of not having any word of mouth. Many small businesses struggle to get customer reviews, but the online shoe company Zappos has mastered the art of getting […]

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