• How to Get Your Business Out There

How to Get Your Business Out There

Running a small business is a challenge that brings many rewards—especialy when you start to see the results of your marketing efforts in the form of new customers coming in. Getting to that point requires knowing how to get your business name out there, out to the places that will start bringing in customers. Read on to learn how to spread the word about your business, deliver your messaging to the right people, and attract new and loyal customers to your business.

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How to Get Your Business Out There

What Does it Even Mean to Get Your Business Out There?

If you’re like most business owners, you want to get your name out there, but may not be exactly sure what that even entails. Given today’s digital landscape and marketing trends, here’s what it looks like:

  • Getting your blog posts and other website pages to show up on the first page of Google for various related searches
  • Ranking among top results in directories and review sites
  • Local community members being familiar with your name and services
  • Regularly reaching people who haven’t heard about you who could benefit from your business.

So what does it take to reach this level of awareness?

5 Steps to Getting Your Business Out There

Step 1 — Nail Down Your Audience

Your efforts to “get your name out there” aren’t going to have much of an impact if you don’t first determine to whom you’re getting that name out. You have to know who is receiving your message in order to cater it appropriately. You have to identify your target audience.

For example, a preschool target audience is parents of children at preschool age; the secondary audience is family members and friends of parents who may recommend the preschool. Understanding your audience will help to optimize your products, services, and marketing content into a form that effectively gets your name out there.

Step 2 – Get a Website

Having a website is essential in today’s markets as consumers use websites to learn more about and contact businesses, and also because a search engine-optimized website allows your business to get discovered by those who don’t yet know about it.

Step 3 – Be Social

Social Media is accessible to everyone and is a no-brainer in getting your business out there—but that’s because social media is busy and chaotic. Focus on your target audience and identify which social platforms they use and for what. Finding the right social media platform for your audience will mean the difference between becoming known and getting lost in the shuffle.

For example, a preschool parent may spend a lot of time on Instagram sharing photos of their children or following influencers who give parenting tips. It would make sense to start growing your following on Instagram to get your name out there.

On the other hand, an older parent of, say, a college student, might spend more time on Facebook as this platform is more familiar to them. Focus on using Facebook for your business and engaging users that way if that’s the case.

 Step 4 – Create Great Content

To get your business out there, an effective content strategy is a must. You don’t need a big budget or fancy animation to spread your message. Valuable and digestible information is all you need to get the attention of your potential customers. Create content that your target audience will like and ideally share.

Follow social media groups your audience participates in and create content basted on the common problems and questions that come up. This will help to get your business out there as a trusted, respected resource.

Step 5 – Analyze and Modify

Getting your business out there isn’t a one-and-done effort. You need to try a few different channels and then analyze. Where are you gaining exposure? Which channels seem to get your business out and in front of the most qualified leads?  What types of content seem to amplify your presence through sharing and audience engagement?

You should constantly be assessing and evolving your strategies for getting your business out there, which you can do through tracked links, tracked phone lines, and Google Analytics.

Ideas for Getting Your Business Out There

Great marketing doesn’t have to break the bank, there are lots of low-cost marketing strategies that are very effective in getting the word out about your business.


Blogging offers businesses many advantages. It keeps your website up to date with new and fresh content, which is good for SEO as Google likes updated content. In addition to getting your business out there, it positions your business as an active company that knows what it’s talking about.

Blogs can be shared through social media and can attract backlinks which are also good for SEO. Choose content that your target audience will enjoy, something they will hopefully share and possibly link to.

Get Involved with Local Press

If you are a new business in town, reach out to your local press to see if they can help with getting your name out. Show them your value and express why you are unique. You may be able to get them to write a piece on you, raising your profile significantly in the local area. Even if your business is national or international, local exposure is still good, and links to your website from press sites will help your SEO.

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Guerrilla marketing is all the rage with savvy marketers. The cost is low, the creativity is high and so is the return. Something as simple as a clever chalk drawing may do the trick. Guerrilla marketing relies heavily on word of mouth or social sharing and if done well can attract a lot of attention.

What is a quirky way you can promote your brand messaging that will be received and re-distributed by your target audience?  For example, preschools could use funny pronunciation errors by 3-year-olds.

Run a Contest

Running a giveaway or contest is another creative way to get your business out there.  The simpler, the better. Choose something that would appeal to your target audience to help you get quality entries. For example, for a preschool, a set of preschool books by a popular author will cost less and get a better more targeted response than an iPad.

There are lots of ways a new business can launch a great marketing campaign without spending too much, just get in front of the right target audience, get creative and analyze your results!

This post was originally written by Sadie Sherran, Director at Falkon Digital. You can follow her on Twitter @seobelle. The post was updated on February 18, 2018.


  1. Adam Bockler says:

    Thanks for your marketing tips for small business owners. My dad started his own business growing up. He used to think that all you needed to do was provide a quality product or service and you wouldn’t really need to worry about marketing. However, as his business grew, he changed his mind. You make a great point about properly identifying your target audience. Demographic information can play a big part in putting together an effective marketing strategy. I’ll keep your tips in mind if I ever start my own business.

  2. Thanks for Great Tips. I’m just starting small businesses needing help with marketing so I appreciate all the great ideas so I can get the word out.

  3. Meagan says:

    These are really great ideas to help get a small business going or revamping their marketing campaigns. All of these can end up benefiting the business, if done the right way. Thanks for sharing these!

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  5. Ally Day says:

    Nice to read. So useful and informative tips. Many thanks for sharing them all.

  6. Ivy Baker says:

    I had no idea that blogging could be a good way to market your business. It does seem like a great way to get your business out there. I would want to have a professional handle any marketing for me. After all, marketing sounds like a very tricky thing to manage.

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