• Best Words and Phrases for Marketing

Best Words and Phrases for Marketing

Every business owner is on the hunt for those magical marketing phrases that will translate your organic website traffic into dollar signs. Words are powerful not only for SEO purposes but because they have the ability to inspire action in people. Coming up with marketing phrases that work can be challenging, so we’ve compiled a list of marketing phrases, organized by category, for your use and adaptation. Enjoy!

Best Words and Phrases for Marketing

Marketing Words and Phrases that Reduce Risk

Minimizing a customer’s perception of risk will make them that much more comfortable pulling the trigger and doing business with you. Try to use phrases that provide reassurance that they aren’t at risk of losing money or being tied into some sort of scheme resulting in a 12-year membership to your jelly of the month club.

• Guaranteed
• Or your money back
• You can unsubscribe at any time
• We won’t flood your inbox
• No obligation
• No purchase necessary
• Cancel at any time
• What do you have to lose?
• Premium

Words and Phrases that Reduce Uncertainty

Customers will feel uncertain about your company or services when they’re unfamiliar with you. Marketing phrases that work to reduce uncertainty and boost confidence in a new customer include:

• No questions asked
• First month free
• Find out
• See why
• See for yourself
• No hidden fees

Words and Phrases that Inspire to Buy

People must be able to visualize how your product or services will change their lives for the better. Lead them down this imaginary road toward their new and improved self/situation by using phrases like the below:

• See for yourself
• What do you have to lose?
• Give us a shot
• Receive
• What you get
• What’s in it for you?
• Bargain
• Do you want to(insert benefits of your services)?
• Results
• Growth
• Effective
• Start now
• Become
• Ends soon
• Real results

Words and Phrases that Encourage Urgency

Running a promotion for a finite period of time is a great way to get people to act. Try using these words in your next time-limited offer:

• Download now/today
• While supplies last
• For a limited time only
• Save your spot
• Sale ends Saturday
• Act now before time runs out
• Get it while it’s hot
• Last chance
• Don’t want to miss

Marketing Phrases to Spark Curiosity

You want to encourage customers to engage with you on many different levels. Whether that’s getting them to visit your blog or sign up for newsletters, the key is to make them curious enough to take the next step. Consider using the following:

• What if?
• Insider
• Special
• Scoop
• Learn how to…
• Join
• Discover
• Uncover
• Unlock

Marketing Phrases to Connect with Your Audience

Relating to clients on a personal level goes a long way in winning and keeping their business. When churning out customer-facing marketing materials, try to include some of these phrases which show that you empathize with the reader:

• Ever wish you could…
• Finally, a …
• At last…
• Aren’t you tired of
• We get it
• We’ve got you
• Improve your…
• Discover what it’s like to…
• Look familiar?
• Experience what it’s like to
• You deserve
• You’ve earned


Marketing Phrases the Communicate Value

Give them an extra dose of confidence by making an appeal for the value of your offerings. Quality will never stop being important to the consumer and addressing it will prove beneficial:

• Top notch
• Premium
• Value
• Equivalent to
• New
• Safe
• Secure
• Efficient
• Quality
• Custom-built
• Only
• First
• One-of-a-kind
• Harness the power of

Marketing Words and Phrases that Convey Savings

Price is a part of any consumer’s decision-making process. Use these phrases to convey to your audience that they are getting a good deal:

• Save now
• Affordable
• Get your money’s worth
• Without breaking the bank
• Easy on your wallet
• Avoid unnecessary fees
• Rewards
• Collect
• Earn

Language is powerful and using the right words will be the difference between marketing phrases that work and those that fall flat. Remember that a word or phrase that bodes well for one campaign doesn’t necessarily mean it will work across the board. As always, be strategic and conduct A/B testing to confirm you’re using these marketing phrases properly.

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