• Best Subject Lines for Email Marketing

Best Subject Lines for Email Marketing

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This statement rings truer now than ever when trying to create the best subject lines for email marketing. Despite all the other methods available for reaching your audience today, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to communicate to customers. However, getting people to actually click your email and read the content you so carefully crafted within may be more challenging than you think.

Best Subject Lines for Email Marketing

Did you know that 69% of users report spam based solely on the subject line of an email? Do not let your content and communications get classified as spam due to a lackluster subject line. Here are some considerations and ideas for good subject lines for email marketing.

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Email Subject Lines That Work

Think about your own daily experience as you try and beat back the ever growing pile of messages in your inbox. You are constantly making judgments about which emails to read, which ones to open and skim, and which ones to flat out delete. You don’t have all day, so you sort and act based on who they are from and what the subject line says.  Unfortunately, because everyone else is applying this tactic, a well written email with informative content but a bland subject line can easily get overlooked, even nixed. In order to get your recipients to take the extra second to click, you need a catchy and effective email subject line that is intriguing to the reader and makes them want to open the email to see exactly what it contains.

For starters, follow email subject line best practices to make sure you convey an effective message, including:

  • Only deliver one clear message in each subject line and email. If you try and communicate too many ideas at a time, you run the risk of all your information becoming white noise to the reader.
  • Make subject lines clear. A marketing email subject line should say exactly what the message to follow is all about. Subject lines for email marketing need to be concise and to the point, so take some time to find the most efficient wording possible.
  • Use a maximum of 30 characters. Shorter subject lines will ensure that your entire subject line will be visible no matter what type of device your reader is using.
  • Create a call to action. Tell the recipient exactly what you want them to do. Register now! Download your free E-book!

Promotional Subject Lines For Email Marketing

These are subject lines for emails that are communicating a specific promotion for your business. Clarity is especially important for these types of subject lines, and should immediately convey the when and where of the promotion.

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Promotional subject lines serve to tell your customers what they will be getting. If the promotion is $20 off a service or 40% off a certain product category, let them know up front in the subject line. If customers know the benefit they’ll receive in the email, they’ll be more likely to open it for all the details. Specific numbers and percentages in subject lines get noticed and tend to stand out in a busy inbox.

Email marketing subject line examples for promotions include:

  • Friday only! 30% off all summer footwear
  • Back to School Sale! $20 off backpacks!
  • Loyalty Members: 40% off today!
  • Coupon Code for $25 off $100 purchase.
  • Door Buster Deal: Today only!

Subject Lines For Events

Inviting people on your email list is one of the best ways to promote your events and boost attendance. Creating a subject line that is inviting and piques the reader’s interest is key. You know your audience. Convey the detail about the event that will resonate with them the loudest. Use words that will immediately stick out to them. Here are some email subject line examples that will help you create some buzz around your next event:

  • Monday: Pub Run at 6 pm!
  • Free Workshop: Intro to Beading
  • You’re Invited to Book Club Breakfast
  • Don’t miss out…Game Watching Party!
  • Meet the Author: J.K. Rowling

Email Newsletter Subject Lines

You work hard every month to create interesting content for your newsletter, yet each month it seems fewer people open the email, and people unsubscribe at a rate equal to any new readers added. Yes, your content may be relevant and interesting to your audience, but in the crowded space of your inbox, your message may be getting lost—all because of your subject line!

Rather than sending an email with the same subject line every month, mix it up a bit. People will assume you have nothing really new or interesting to say if they always see the same generic subject line. Get creative with your monthly newsletters, and you will have no problem getting creative with your subject lines.

Creating a great subject line starts with the content you choose for your newsletter. Having a theme each month that you build content around will make this job easier. Seasonal themes are obvious. If you incorporate a seasonal or topical theme into your email content, creating a catchy subject line then becomes simple. Back to School and holidays are other simple examples.

These email subject line examples will help get you started:

  • Go for the Gold! Summer tips for running
  • Should you cut carbs in your diet?
  • New Year, New You—Make 2017 great!
  • Holiday Newsletter: Don’t Blow Your Budget!

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Your email marketing efforts are a direct reflection of your brand and a crucial part of growing your business. You work too hard on your content for it to get lost in the shuffle. Put just as much effort into your email subject lines as you do on all of your content. Making sure that your subject line is above par will help more people to read the content you’ve created and reap its benefits; and, with more readers, you’ll reap your own benefits! Follow the links throughout this article for more in-depth information that will help you create email marketing subject lines that work.

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