• Best Spotify Playlists for Work

Best spotify playlists for work

Work can be stressful, and as an overtasked, constantly moving business owner, you do a lot of it. What’s great about music is, not only can it relax, energize, focus, and inspire you, but it can also go with you just about anywhere. Treat yourself to some tunes throughout the day, and see if it helps you with running your small business. To help you out, we’ve created a couple of the best Spotify playlists to help you through those rough patches of running a business, such as when you’re lacking energy, focus, or inspiration.

Morning Commute

This Spotify playlist is both motivating and mellow, to prepare you for the day ahead. It’s the calm before the storm. This playlist will put you in a peaceful trans before slowly introducing that necessary pep in your step. Before you know it you’ll be swaying your hips, tapping your feet, and nodding your head to the beat of opportunity. Don’t you worry about whether or not you know the music—we made sure to include some classics too. You’ll be rocking out with the Stones or singing the rhythm and blues with Otis Redding as you’re walking through the door.



Best Spotify playlists for work

Afternoon Pick Me Up

The dreaded post-lunch, 3 o’clock feeling calls for a different kind of playlist than the morning commute. For small business owners especially, you’ve been handling interruptions all day, you’re tired and distracted, but that’s not to say you’re defeated. This playlist is your pick-me-up for perseverance. It doesn’t ease you into the afternoon, it exists to pick you up. If you work in a quiet, professional environment, put your headphones in. Nobody will know that you’re rocking out, and they’ll all appreciate the work that results from the musical inspiration. If you work in a more casual space and notice that the entire office is feeling the mid-afternoon blues, throw it on in the background and get everyone involved.



Best Spotify Playlists for work

Evening Commute

A good playlist for your ride home is one that helps you to wind down, not put you to sleep. After all, there’s more to your life than your business, and you’ve got other great things to tend to. You don’t need lullabies. You need grounding. Use this playlist to come back to earth— unwind from the tension and excitement of the day and return to a more grounded state. This playlist will bring you to your equilibrium, so you can focus on whatever’s on deck— be it family, kids, friends, or just some dinner and Netflix. Peace of mind is crucial for enjoyment, creativity, and productivity. Let this eclectic playlist ease your mind and take you home in style, so you can be your best self upon arrival.



Best Spotify Playlists for Work


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