• Best Instagram Posts for Small Business (with Examples)

Best Instagram Posts for Small Business

Creating quality content for your Instagram profile will help increase brand awareness and drive sales for your business, but it can be a challenge. With so many tagging, photo editing, and hashtag options, it’s hard to know the best Instagram practices for your business without overposting or underwhelming your audience. This post will help you identify the best types of Instagram content to post to your business profile to increase visibility, engage your audience, and convert followers into paying customers.

Best Instagram Posts for Small Business

5 Best Types of Content to Post to Your Instagram Business Account

Behind The Scenes

Instagram users love feeling connected to the brands they follow. Giving your Instagram a personal touch will help to build brand loyalty and improve engagement. One of the best posts you can create for your business is a “behind the scenes” series, either in the form of an Instagram Story, which can then be added to your profile as a highlight, or a photo/video post. A BTS segment can include your product being created, employee events or trainings, or even showing how your Instagram photos are created and curated. The opportunities are endless! Genuine and transparent behind-the-scenes content will help to make your audience feel linked to your brand.

In the example below, this textile designer shares the beginning stages of her products, helping her followers to feel more connected to them and to her brand. She also strengthens her brand messaging by making it a visually-appealing photo.

Best Instagram Posts for Business BTS


There’s a reason why Pinterest is so popular—people enjoy the do-it-yourself aspect when the instructions are understandable and the message is clear. As such, useful how-to videos and pictures are some of the best posts you can create for your business on Instagram. These types of posts reveal to your audience your expertise as well as your genuine desire to help them—not just sell to them. In addition, these posts create a ripple effect—when people appreciate a tutorial, they will share the results themselves and likely tag or credit you in the post. How-to videos, stories, or pictures will keep your audience returning to your page to learn more.

In the example below, Lush Cosmetics provides a tutorial on how to use their shampoo bars—a great idea for a company that produces a unique product. Note also that the post opens up a channel for users to ask questions and for potential customers to learn more about the product without even going to the product’s website.




Here is another how-to produced by the same business account:



Product or Service Reveal

Of course product/service reveals make the list of best Instagram posts for business. Who doesn’t love a surprise, especially when it involves their favorite small business? Product or service reveals help to create an air of excitement surrounding the release and drive sales later down the line. A reveal can be built up in the form of an Instagram advertisement, a countdown with teaser posts, or even a special release to influencers to create hype. Once your product or service has been announced, advertising your in-store event or online party via Instagram is a great way to hit the ground running. Continuing to update your customers on social media will ensure your new release is a success and help to generate hype.

In the example below, Anthro Boston does a great job building anticipation for a product line reveal. The surprise element attracts curious followers and fans, not to mention the champagne and sweet treats. This post serves as both an event invite and a product/service reveal.

Best Instagram Posts for Business reveal

Flat-Lays For Products

This is a great type of Instagram post for businesses who offer products. Flat-lays are a great way to display your product in a visually appealing way. Instagram is centered around creating the most aesthetically pleasing images possible, taking colorful pictures with your new product at the forefront. In order to take a quality flat-lay picture, make sure your lighting is as natural as possible, and that your camera is high-quality to achieve a crisp result. You don’t need an expensive device to take great pictures, a smartphone will do just fine as long as your backdrop is attractive.

The post below is an example of a flat-lay type of Instagram post, as well as a form of effective marketing: partnering up with a complimentary business to expand to new but relevant audiences.

Best Instagram Posts for Business Flat Lay

Event Photos

Event marketing is already effective for small businesses, so it’s no surprise that event photos are great for your Instagram business profile.
Posting photos or videos of your in-store activities will also help to drive traffic to both your Instagram business account and your physical location. Everyone loves a good party or event, and posting images of others enjoying your event will draw in new customers and clients.

When posting event photos, you can utilize real-time marketing and post live from the event to attract nearby customers. You may also want to use a picture from a past event to promote the next one coming up, as with the example below.

Best Instagram Posts for Business event

Another effective element of the Instagram post above is that the link to register for the event is included in the caption, but also in their bio—which is clickable.


The above five types of Instagram posts are among the best you can use to market your business online. Employ a mix of these posts to convey a robust image of your business as relatable, useful, genuine, and fun—all qualities that will build trust with users and help them make the decision to become customers.


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